Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Weather

I know it's Winter, but the weather is seriously bugging me right now.  Yesterday, we woke up to about an inch of snow.  (see photo below)  That wasn't a big deal.  I can deal with that.  But this morning, we woke up to about half an inch of ice that started falling around 1 a.m. (yes, I heard it pinging on the house) and after several attempts to open car doors, we finally get the door open on the red truck and then it won't start.  Geez.  It's been in the shop for 3 days and this is how I get it back.  Anyway, appointments are cancelled for this morning (yet again) and we'll be spending the afternoon trying to get into the black truck and the white car.  Oh, and it's started snowing now.  We're forecasted to get 3 to 4 inches on top of the ice.  Yay!  (Can you read my sarcasm?)  
It looks like we'll be making another appt. at the auto repair shop for the truck.  We're headed to a different mechanic as the first one gave us the truck back in worse shape than it went to him in.  Now he says he doesn't know how to fix what he broke.  But please make sure we pay for him "fixing" it.  Big Daddy's truck is only a couple of years old, so....we shouldn't have to be seeing a lot of breakdowns and repairs yet.  It needs to get resolved asap as we've got a lot of traveling to do this month with appt.'s etc..  One really important trip is on the 15th.  We are headed to college to see Big C.  It's "Mother's Day" for the frat he's in.  It's a really big deal and he is super excited that I'm coming.  So I can't disappoint him.
Anyway, I'm sick of the weather.  And I'm sick of vehicle repairs.  For today.  So far.  I might be sicker of them tomorrow.  lol


  1. The weather's been awful for everyone. Good luck with your truck and stay warm :-)