Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Inspired by...

Today, I'm sharing the blog, Lacy Crochet.

I have read through the whole blog and it's basically a "free pattern" blog.  Let me say, there are some very, very beautiful free patterns on there too.  It's so wonderful of her to share them with us all!  I could see myself making many of them.  She also has free stitch patterns and crochet video lessons for beginners offered.

This is what I enjoyed about her blog:

I'm not one for making doilies, but I could really see myself making the Small Pink Doily featured on January 27th.  It's really cute!

I think Small T would like to have one of the Lacy Infinity Scarves.  Small T is a scarf kind of girl!

I am absolutely in LOVE with the Fancy Shells Baby Afghan!  And it's a free pattern!  I'm so excited!

I really like her alternating shells crochet stitch.  I'm sure there's something I could make using this!

Her baby/toddler beret's are so cute!

The Easy Blocks Baby Blanket would be perfect for a little boy!

I was glad to see her Sharp Crochet Hook review.  This is something I've been thinking of buying as well and I might change my mind about it now.  We'll see.  Her review gives me something to think about.

I am also in love with her Crochet Green Baby Blanket pattern!  This is another one I can see myself making!  The stitch pattern is wonderful!

I like her tip "A shortcut to blocking doilies".  Very good!

Since I have a love of hankies and vintage hankies, I am glad to see her tutorial on adding trim to handkerchiefs.  This is something I would definitely use!

I like the Lovely Shells crochet stitch tutorial.  I could see myself using this stitch pattern too.  She even has a baby blanket pattern using this stitch.  It's called the Lovely Shells Baby Blanket.  :)

I also could see myself making the Small Doily in Cream Color.  It would look great in my bedroom.

I'm always looking for a variegated yarn pattern and her Summer Baby Blanket in Variegated Yarn pattern looks like a really good one.

I really like the Dainty Butterflies pattern!  Really cute!

Her Small Flower Doily looks like a granny stitch doily.  I think this would be a popular pattern!

Probably one of my favorite things on her blog is the Crochet Flower Cushion!  It's truly unique!!!

Probably my most favorite baby blanket pattern is the Lacy Baby Blanket pattern!  So pretty and I love the color!

I also like the Lacy Chessboard Baby Blanket pattern.  Can you tell that I'm all about the baby blankets?  I love them!

The Lacy Braids Baby Blanket is really pretty.  It's also a free pattern.

I'm thinking of what I can make with her Easy Shells stitch pattern.  The possibilities are endless.

If you have a few minutes, stop by and view all the lovely patterns she has to offer!  You won't be disappointed!  :)


  1. She does have a wonderful blog. I discovered her last week and have already made the small pink doily (mine's red and it's the first one I've ever made) and the Lacy Stitch Baby Hat (a little tricky but came out lovely). If you want to see my finished items, they're posted on my blog today.

    1. i will stop by your blog for a visit today. :)