Sunday, February 16, 2014

Disney Character

Today, we shopped for supplies (the Good Will store is fabulous for this) and once we got back home, we have been crafting two Disney Character costumes for school on Tuesday.  We have finally finished Little Ty's costume.  :)  Now we're working on Small T's.  I'll show you hers later.
Here's a small photo collage of what was going on this past hour.
 Small T making Little Ty's "hat".
 A quick shot of them "cheesing" for the camera.  Small T is fitting her "retainer".  Good thing we have wire hangers around the house.
Now...for the good stuff.
Little Ty's photo shoot.
 Um...this is a little boring, Ty.
 Finally...some emotion.  See the smile.
 Oh all right...I'll do something.
 Now what?  Well, do something that your character would do.
 No...not that.  I'll put it on Facebook!!!!
 Ok.  Stoic again.  Really?  That's the best you've got???
Finally!  A good photo.  Sort of.
(Sorry for the "guns" in the photos.  I didn't realize you could see them in each and every photo.  You can tell that we live in the country, right?)
Now...can anyone guess who Little Ty is going as?
I'll give you a guess....Jasmine will be happy to see him.
Yep, you're right.  He's Aladdin!

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