Thursday, February 6, 2014

Grape Hat

I've been trying to make a Grape Hat to match my Grape Scarf.  It's not going so well and I don't know why.  I've made several of these hats before, but for some reason the Grape one just isn't working out.
Yesterday, I ripped it out, worked it again...ripped it out, worked it again...and then just finally ripped it out.
This is what it looks like now.  (lol)  It will stay like this for a bit until I feel my crochet hat mojo come back.  I guess that Wednesday isn't a good hat making day for me.


  1. Sorry you're having a rough time. I hope your hat mojo comes back soon.

    1. thank you. i'm hoping to get it back soon too. i really need to finish this hat as i'm aiming for one that is warmer than what i have now. i'm currently wearing two hats layered together to keep the wind out.