Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oh My Gosh....

Here it is...Feb. 15th, and Valentine's Day has passed.  And NOW I find an absolutely wonderful project tutorial for something that Small T would just absolutely LOVE.  Geez!  Even though I'm a bit upset over missing this project making / gift giving opportunity, I'm so in love with the project that I'm going to blog about it.
I was visiting the blog, Dottie Angel, tonight for just a bit, catching up on the latest news, and I saw this... .  I couldn't believe my eyes!  How in the world did she think up a "heart catcher"?  Small T has several dream catchers in her room since she suffers from bad dreams, and the "heart catcher" would be a lovely, and different, and more "adult", gift for her, since she's only a few months away from being the grown up age of 17. *sigh*  I'm so in love with the "heart catcher"!  And to think that she shared a tutorial on how to make them as well!  Wow!  I'm in crafting heaven!  So...I can definitely see this project is going to go on my "need to make soon" list.  I haven't felt this "craft happy" in ages.  Can you tell?

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