Saturday, February 1, 2014

Little Ty

It's not so fun to be a Teenager sometimes.
 Little Ty has a pimple.  Right under his nose.  I saw it first.  Then Small T did.  She has a thing about pimples and black heads and such.  Little Ty was in for it after that.
Yesterday, he learned about a facial cleaning regimen and how he would be doing it daily. She checks.  She asks him every single morning if he's got deodorant on and if he's brushed his teeth and hair.  She also checks his attire for the day.  He's not allowed to look like a bum when he's headed to school.  After the demonstration on how to take care of your face, she told him "girls don't like boys with faces covered in acne" and then they took care of the black heads she found.  He did pretty well.  He's a little jumpy in the photo but only because he scared her while she was up close to him and she smacked him.  Eventually, he won't be wary of her anymore.  He's growing again and is taller than she is now.  But Small T has a big mouth and she uses it to make up for her size.  .
I feel for Little Ty.  Not only does he have a pimple but he's got Small T to deal with too.  Those teen years have just started for him.  It's going to be a long ride.

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