Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Days Until Vacation

Two days until we leave on vacation and here I sit at the computer updating my blog. I'm trying to tie up any loose ends before I start my day tomorrow of "getting ready". I finished up one task a few minutes ago...the little star afghan...and tomorrow my husband and I will be going in opposite directions trying to get the other things daughter's eye doctor appt., shopping, hair appt., etc.. Once we meet up back at the house, we'll be doing laundry, etc.. We're headed to Cocoa Beach, Fl and will be leaving on another Carnival Cruise out of Port Canaveral. This time we're taking one of the kids...our daughter. Next time, we're adding one of the boys. Look for my posts when we get back. It will feature some of the places we stopped.

Finished Project - Little Star Afghan

I have finished the little star afghan for my great nephew. I used a total of 4 skeins of the yarn. I was having a fit on the last row thinking that I would not have enough. See the photo of the little bit I had left. Whew! I've posted a close up photo of the afghan so you could see the great colors. You can't see them very well in the photo of the whole afghan. I made the afghan big enough to be laid on the floor so the baby can play on it as he gets older. Plus, I wanted to use up all the yarn as it was expensive. I'm loving this pattern and I plan on making another.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Next Crochet Project

I've started my next crochet project. It's a baby afghan for my great nephew, John. His mother wanted these particular colors, so that's what I'm using. It's Baby Bees, Lambkins Baby Boucle in Baby Camo. I'm using this pattern "HeartFelt Angels - Beth's Little Star Afghan" . This is a free pattern on the internet. I started this tonight while watching some TV, and I hope to finish it before Monday.

Newest Project Finished

My "newest project" is finished and delivered. It's a baby afghan done in Caron Baby yarn, colors pink and white. I used two skeins of yarn held together to make it warmer since the baby is due in early November. The pink and white yarns blended nicely that way. Basically, it looked "pink". I think it turned out really well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Project

My newest project is a baby blanket. My stepmom asked me to make one for her great grandbaby that's due in August. She provided the yarn, so I only have to do the crocheting. I'm using my favorite pattern ... the one that I use for the lapghans. I'm just modifying it to make it baby sized. I will post a photo when I get it done.

Another "Never Ending Granny Square" Afghan

Here's my latest finished project. Another "Never Ending Granny Square" afghan. The shadow in the background is my oldest son, Josh, holding up the afghan. He's 5 foot 11 inches or 6 foot. So I finally got an afghan big enough that the boys can use without their feet being left out. LOL This was another scrap afghan made out of my "stash". I used mainly blues, but it also has pinks, purple and yellow in it. I held two strands of yarn together, with black being the main color throughout and added in the other colors as they were needed. I used a P hook. My stash is almost gone now. The pattern for this is a free one and is listed in a previous post if you are looking for it.

Would you look at this!!!

Look who got in my yarn!!! Pepper! For some reason,he loves my yarn. And anything I'm crocheting. If I'm working on something, he tries to crawl on my lap and get "under" whatever I'm crocheting. In this photo, he's pretending to be "invisible" so he won't get into trouble. LOL He does this alot. In this instance, he drug all the yarn out of the bag on the right and then laid on it. All of this yarn ended up in the last big "never ending granny square" afghan that I did. I finished it two nights ago and will post a photo.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Hair Do

Here I am...sporting my new hair do. Got it done today. Just a big body wave/perm. My bangs are looking yucky at the moment but overall...I love it! The only thing is that I can't get in the pool for a couple of days due to the chemicals. They might react with the body wave and turn my hair colors. So...the snorkeling practice will have to wait.

Totally Relaxed's me...sitting in the couch recliner last night....totally between crocheting...and watching TV....looking old....and tired....and all comfy in my nightie and robe. Scary photo, isn't it???

Poison Ivy

Guess who has poison ivy??? Mr Chance. Son #2. And he has no idea where he got it from. He mentioned it last night and we've been doctoring it ever since. He's scratched it, so it's spread to other parts of his body as well. He screams bloody murder when you spray the Ivy Dry on it. Poor kid! But we're lucky, he's the first one of the household to have it this summer. Normally it's Miss Tianna who is covered in it.

Toe Nails

I love sporting painted toe nails in the warm months, don't you??? This is yesterday's color...electric blue. The photo doesn't do the color justice. Today I'm wearing the color Sweet Thang. It looks rather like a sea foam green or a mermaid color. I'm thinking Caribbean in my color choices since we are going on another cruise in a little over two weeks.

Newest project

My newest project is another Never Ending Granny Square blanket/afghan. The first photo shows what it looks like tonight. The second photo is what it looked like last night. It's much bigger today. Last night it was just the size of my couch cushion. Tonight, it more than covers it. The pattern for this is a free one off the internet and can be found in an older post of mine. This is one being made out of my "stash" pile. It's basically different blue yarns with some pinks, yellow and purple thrown in. It's a good way to use up that leftover yarn. Oh, and I'm making it with a P hook and two skeins of yarn held together. The constant color of yarn is black, only because it's the only color I had several skeins of.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update on my tan...

Here's the latest photo of my tan from working at the pool this summer. I'm getting quite dark! And yes, I use sunscreen each and every day. I don't want skin cancer. This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago. I'm even darker now. I'm showing a few wrinkles in this photo though....ugh!

Taking a nap...

Taking a's what my children and my dogs do best!!! LOL

New Crochet Project

I have a new crochet project. I'm taking a couple of skeins of yarn and making them into granny squares. I hope to get enough squares to make a baby blanket. I love these colors!! The photo doesn't really show them well, but they are a hot pink and a turquoise. I'm thinking of putting either a row of lilac or a row of white around them and then I'm not sure what color I will use to "bind" them all together.
Here's the pattern I'm using: *It's basically my own version that I've put together from a couple of different patterns*
ch 4, join to form a ring.
ch 3, then 2dc in the ring, ch 3, *3 dc, ch 3* 3 times, join with a sl st in the top of the beg ch 3. fasten off, leaving a tail.
join next color in any ch 3 space. ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc, dc in each stitch around, working 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc in each corner. join with a sl st to the top of the beg ch 3. fasten off.

Lapghan #17

Lapghan #17 is finished! It is made by using one skein of white yarn held together with another color. I used a variety of the "other colors" as this is my scrap afghan and made with all the little balls of extra yarn I had leftover from other projects. I've been collecting these little balls for awhile now. Each row is a different color, unless I ran out of something on that row, then I just added enough of another color to finish the row off. I love this lapghan! It turned out beautifully! However, my photo isn't doing it any justice!

Fourth of July Celebration

This year we decided to forgo all the fireworks at home and spend the holiday celebration at the race track. We went to the big Fireworks Extravaganza at 24 Raceway in Moberly, MO. We had a great time!!! Even our daughter gave it a 7 out of 10, and that's a great score coming from her. :)