Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow, Lovely Snow

Look what I woke up to this morning.  We weren't surprised.  The forecast for the last couple of days was for 100% chance of snow today with an expected accumulation of 8 to 10 inches and that's changed now to 10+ inches.
 I took these three photos first thing in hopes of catching the thick snow falling.  But it's not showing up like I was hoping.
 This is about the only photo where you can sort of see it.  It's been a whole hour since I took these and the snow is a lot deeper on the bird house now.
The truck is supposed to be going to the shop to be put on the computer for diagnosis in half an hour but Big Daddy said it's not going to happen today.  Can't really say that I blame him.  I wouldn't want to get out either.
Big Daddy and I took the day yesterday to prepare for the storm.  We went to MFA and laid in salt.  We bought 3 (50 lb) bags of it for a total of $11 and some change.  Cheap.  It's a good thing we live in a rural area or it would have cost a lot more.  Then we mailed out the bills at the post office, dropped the trash off at our dumpster, and then headed out of town to Wal-Mart.  We picked up a few groceries that we can't buy here in town or that are way too expensive here.  We had to stop at several places in order to find a new battery for the truck.  We finally found one at the last place we looked.  It cost a whopping $175 plus change.  Geez!  When did batteries get so expensive???  Once we got back to town, we stopped at the local grocery store to get bread, eggs and toliet paper.  You just can't weather a storm without those items.  :)  Especially the toliet paper.  Then Medium J helped Big Daddy install the new battery in the truck.  Big Daddy just has't regained his strength from his illness in December, so it took Medium J's muscles to get the job done.
While I was doing the dishes last night, Little Ty cooked dinner (with my help).  He baked chicken patties and tator tots.  He did a good job!
I spent my evening, or part of it, knitting on the Knitted Toddler Blanket.  I ended up making a mistake and had to rip back several rows and start again.  This is the first time I actually managed to rip out a knitted project and not have to restart the whole thing.  I am rather pleased with myself for being able to do this.  I'm now less than 30 rows from finishing this and I'm thrilled to pieces!  I figure I'll get some good time in with this again today due to all the snow.  We obviously won't be going anywhere.
So...that's my update on yesterday.  If you are in the snow storm that's hitting my area, please stay safe and warm today.


  1. Good luck finishing your blanket. Stay warm :-)

    1. thank you! we're getting ready to settle in and watch season 4 of True Blood. i'm going to knit while we're watching it, so i'll be done before too much longer.