Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crafting with the Girls

I finally got the girls going on their friendship bracelets.
 Pattycake is moving right along.
So is Sassy.
Their mom told me this evening that they are both basically ready to tie off and wear the bracelets.  Except they will be anklets, like Aunt Shelly's.
They worked on these diligently today.  Way to go girls!
Now I need to find another craft on Pinterest.  lol

Monday, June 25, 2012

Patchwork Blanket

Here's a quick shot of the Patchwork Blanket showing my current progress on it.
I started the 3rd row yesterday.
So far, I've used 17 different colors of yarn.  I've got one more color to add then I'll be working my way through the colors again.
Please ignore the ugly pile of yarn and such to the right of the photo.
I've got my mending on the back of the couch, the yarn pile on the right and in a bag on the floor.  That way it's handy while I'm crocheting.  yikes.  I need to do some straightening.  ASAP.

Knooked Square

I finished my first "knooked" square yesterday.
This took several attempts as I wanted it to be the same size as the knitted squares I am making.
I needed a J knook hook, and didn't have one, so I made my own.
I am using Red Heart WW yarn in Pale Pink.
The finished square is 8" wide and 7 1/2" tall.
Here's what I did:
ch 25.
cast on 25 sts.
knit each row.
**Now, I have a really hard time telling my "rows" in knitting and knooking, so here's how I know when I'm done.  Look at the above photo, see where the tail is at the bottom right...when my square is in this position, and I have 19 complete rows of "ribs" counting from the bottom of the square up to the top, then that's when I start the casting off.  It also helps to have a completed square to look at too, for visual aid.**

A Quick Craft

 Hey...How are ya?
Long time, no see.
It's good to be back.
I thought I'd share a current photo of myself.
I'm already starting to sport a pair of "racoon eyes" from my big sunglasses that I wear at the pool everyday.
Anyway, I found this great craft on Pinterest that I'm going to share with you all.  Small T and I have been watching a couple of my nieces this summer....Pattycake and Sassy.  So I've been trying to find a few things for them to work on while they are here in my home.  I think this craft is going to be something that they will love.  So, here are a few photos and the link to the craft so others can give it a try as well.  Go check it out....seriously.  It's a lot of fun to do, super easy, and I finished mine in a couple of hours.
Woven Friendship Bracelet Tutorial
 A shot of the bracelet in progress.
 Getting close to being done.
The finished project on my right ankle.

Off To Boy's State

On the 16th, Big C left for Boy's State.
Small T decided she just might miss him.
So she shared a bit of lovin' before he got out the door.
Big C came home the 23rd.
He said he had a great time.
Now, I have all the kids back where they belong.
At home.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Pool...My Summer Home

If you get to wondering where I'm at this Summer...look at these photos.
I'm here 5 or 6 days a week from noon to 8 pm.
With anywhere from 50 to 100 kids a day, as well as a couple of lifeguards.
These photos were taken the day before the pool opened.
The city council put a lot of work into the pool area this year and it's looking great!
 Big Pool
 Concession Stand/Bathroom Area showing some of the seating area too.
Baby Pool area.

Current Projects

 I'm working on some knitted squares.  This is something I've not done before.  Knitting squares and then eventually, hooking them together into a blanket.  I have 3 done and a 4th one started.  Obviously, I have a long way to go.
 I'm also knooking some squares.  This is the first one.  I made several attempts at getting this knooked square to be the same size as my knitted squares.  After ripping it out several times, I decided that I needed a bigger knook hook.  I only have sizes G, H, and I and I needed a J.  So I made my own with one of my older J hooks.  So far, it's working out fine.  Big Daddy said he would try to put a whole through it for me, out in the garage, with some of his tools.  But, he needs an older hook, in case he messes up.
 As always, I have a lot of partial skeins of yarn, so I started a scrap afghan using the Dottie Angel blanket pattern (which is a favorite of mine).  The free pattern can be found here .
I have also started working on a blanket for one of my sisters.  She wanted me to use the True Blood Water Lily Blanket pattern which can be found here .  However, she wanted a color scheme of white, black and red, with red being the main color.  So far, I have 5 of these squares completed.
So...these are my current works in progress.  I'm having some trouble settling down with working on anything right now, which has led me to have several things started.

Weaving Projects

 My nieces, Pattycake and Sassy, have been working on some weaving projects with me.
I saw this done in the Art Room at school this year, so I decided to try it with the girls.
We took the projects with us when we went fishing and Big C stepped in to help Pattycake with hers.
The girls have also been latch-hooking.  They each got a kit for Christmas this past year.

Wildcat Blanket/Afghan Finished

I finished the Wildcat Blanket.  Finally.  Around the first part of June.  I can't remember the exact date.  I should though...I was so relieved to get it done.  I'm not a huge fan of working a whole blanket in sc.  You would think I'd learned my lesson from the Dr. Seuss/Majestic Afghan, but apparently, I didn't.
This was meant to be a Christmas gift for Small T, but she saw it at some point while I was working on it, and said she didn't want it.  *sigh*  She did suggest that I donate it to a class or organization at school for a fundraiser, like a raffle, so...I'm in the process of doing that right now.
As to the particulars, the blanket is worked with an I hook.  I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn in Cherry  Red, White and Black.  The free pattern can be found here .  I just switched it up for my needs.

1st Fishing Trip of the Summer

We get so busy in the summer months that we have to consciously stop and think about Dad.  And his desire to be outdoors.  I made a plan that we would all spend the day with him on Sunday, June 10th, at the lake.  We got the boat ready, packed up a couple of coolers with drinks and food, grabbed the nieces and nephews (since we're babysitting for them this summer), and headed out.
 A current photo of me.  First one I've had taken since the weight loss journey began.
 Small T.  She caught a fish.  But not the first one though.  Pattycake caught that one.
 Big Daddy.  Getting a pole ready for one of the younger kids.
 Pattycake, Sassy and G.  Having a quick breakfast and listening to my MP3 players while getting ready to get the fishing started.
Big C.  With one of the several fish that he caught.  And no, he isn't smoking.  It's something on the fishing pole.  I thought I should clarify.  Just in case.