Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crochet Tree Ornament #3

I whipped out ornament #3 in no time at all. Way less than an hour. That's for sure.

I used Red Heart WW yarn in the colors Bright Yellow and Amethyst. I followed the original patter, but like ornament #2, I changed up the edging a bit. On the 2nd row, I changed colors and then did a sl st, ch 5, sk a st, sl st in next st, ch 5, sk a st, sl st in next st, ch 5, sk a st, sl st in next st, ch 5, etc. all the way around. I added the ch 20 at the last of the row (which happens to be the top of my ornament.) I think this turned out really, really cute!

Crochet Tree Ornament #2

I've been having a really good day so far today. The house was nice and peaceful until about one o'clock as everyone was still catching up on their sleep from the trip. I was able to spend some time on the computer as well as watch some of "my" TV shows. I also sat down and worked 20 rows on the scarf I've been knooking for my oldest son. While I was watching an episode of The Martha Stewart Show, I got out my scrap bag of Red Heart WW yarn and worked up another Crochet Tree Ornament using the Paddy Green color and the Cornmeal color.
It's the same pattern I used for the previous ornament, but when I was doing the edging, on the final row, I chained 3, skipped a stitch, joined in the next st and chained 3, skipped a stitch, joined in the next stitch, chained 3, etc. all the way around. Then I ran a length of the green yarn through the loops created by the 3 chains. (My husband says he really likes this one.) I'm not sure how many of these I will do, but I already have my yarn picked out for the next one. I'll be using Bright Yellow and Amethyst.

Crochet Tree Ornament (Free Pattern)

Christmas is over, but I'm already thinking about Christmas 2012. I just love Christmas, can you tell? I was so busy making gifts this year, that I didn't have much time for making ornaments for the tree. So, I sat down last night and fiddled around until I came up with this ornament. I rather like it! And with the plain body of the ornament, you can stitch any design you'd like on it. For this one, I did a simple snowflake or star. I will leave the interpretation up to you. So, without any further is the free pattern.
Crochet Tree Ornament (Free Pattern)

Red Heart WW yarn in a couple of colors
G crochet hook
yarn needle

The Circular Body (make 2)
1- Make a magic circle, ch 1, 6 sc in circle, join with a sl st to 1st sc. (6 sc)
2- ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around, join with a sl st to first sc. (12 sc)
3- ch 1, sc in same st, 2 sc in next st, *sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, repeat from * around, joinn with a sl st to first sc. (18 sc)
4- ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, *sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st, repeat from * around, join with a sl st to first sc. (24 sc)
5- ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st, *sc in next 3 sts, 2 sc in next st, repeat from * around, join with a sl st to first sc, finish off. (30 sc)

The Design
Using a length of coordinating yarn threaded through the yarn needle, stitch a design on the front of one (or both) of the circles.

The Edging
1- Holding the backs of each circle together with the designs facing up, sc evenly around the outer edge of the circles, stuffing with fiberfill before closing up the circle. Join with a sl st to the first sc. (For my edging, I sc in the first 4 sts, then put 2 sc in the next st.)
2- Picot Edging- ch 3, sl st in 1st ch, picot made; then *sl st in next 2 sts, ch 3, sl st in 1st ch, repeat from * around, sl st to join, ch 20, join with a sl st, fasten off, weave in ends.

For an extra bit of whimsy, I took some of the red yarn, threaded through the yarn needle, and ran a running stitch around the edge of the ornament directly below each picot stitch I made.

And that's it. My free pattern for a Crochet Tree Ornament. Hope you enjoy making them!

Artist's Crochet Satchel

Good morning! Today is my last day of "vacation" as I am working a temp job the next three days. I stayed up a bit later last night so I could finish up a couple of quick crochet projects.
The first thing I finished was the Artist's Crochet Satchel. The free pattern can be found here . I really like this pattern and the finished product looks so cute!
Now, I have to admit that I did something different though. I didn't block the finished body of the satchel. I probably should have as it was "wonky" when I laid it out. But, I like the uneven edge of the satchel, so I left it that way. It has a bit of character, just like me.
If there was anything I'd do different, I would add a longer strap. That way I could put it over my shoulder and neck and carry it like a messenger bag. Otherwise, I love it!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Works in Progress

Even though my crafting has taken a back seat lately, I have a few works in progress going.

This is a photo of the main piece of crochet for the Artist's Satchel that I'm making.
I'm using Red Heart yarn in Black, Cherry Red, Light Blue and White.
I'm pleased with the color combination.

This is a photo of the scarf I'm knooking for Medium J.
I'm a bit upset with myself as I didn't get it finished before Christmas. It was to be a gift.

This is a piece of knitting that I started last night. It's going to be a scarf (hopefully).
Santa brought me a set of size 13 knitting needles. Woo Hoo! Just what I'd been wanting!
I have to admit that I'm finally feeling comfortable enough with knitting that I didn't have any trouble casting on the stitches and I remembered how to do the knit and purl stitches without any problems. I even felt a bit of crazy take hold and I decided to add an extra row of purl every now and then to make the "ruffle" effect that you see. It's a random effect and I like how it's turning out so far.
So...that's my current works in progress. I still have the Majestic Afghan waiting in the background as well. But I'll get to it soon enough. Right now, I'm working on the satchel and I can't wait to finish it.
See you soon with more updates!

Back Home Again!

Hello! Hello! Hello!
It's so good to be back home! We had a great time with my sister and her family, but still...there's no place like home (to take a quote from It was lovely to sleep in my own bed last night and I have to admit that I really, really missed our computer too. :) I have had a good time catching up on all of my favorite blogs as well as reading all of my emails. Now, I just have to sit down and write some replies soon.
We were very busy at my sister's....with some last minute shopping, a lot of cooking, and constant laundry. I didn't get much time to crochet, but I did manage to sneak in some of it one day. I started working on an Artist's Satchel. (photos to come...along with a link to the free pattern)
Her holiday celebrations are a bit different than ours, but we had a lot of fun opening gifts on Christmas Eve and then seeing what Santa brought Christmas morning. Small T said she was really surprised by her gifts and she really liked them all. Big Daddy was VERY surprised at the number of gifts that he received as well as the contents of those packages. He said he almost starting crying. Big C hasn't said much about his gifts other than this..."you sure bought me a lot of sweatpants". LOL He got 2, count them, 2...pairs. I don't know how that's A LOT. I was also very blessed. I liked each and every gift I received and I am very thankful to be so blessed. My favorite gifts were:
1. an arthritis bracelet from Big Daddy and the kids (I put it on and haven't taken it off yet)
2. a crystal rooster painted in a folk art manner (I will try to remember to take a photo)
3. a Barnes and Noble gift card (that I used to purchase a needlepoint doodling pattern book)
4. yarn (don't you just love getting yarn as a gift? I do)
I must say that I was happy to spend almost an entire week with my sister and her extended family of friends. I am glad that I was able to help out with all of the cooking and other preparations for the big Christmas dinner. My sister was surprised to see how easy it is when you bake the homemade bread and rolls the day before (and re-heat the next day), and then make the potato salad, all the pies, the deviled eggs, the turkey, the ham, and everything else that can be made ahead. On Christmas day, all we had to do was cook the noodles, the gravy, the mashed potatoes, corn and dressing. I made the noodles, corn and gravy early in the day and put them in crock pots to keep warm. Then the mashed potatoes and dressing were all that was left and they were easily taken care of right before the dinner was to be served. I lucked out and had a lot of help with all of this too. Big Daddy took care of the meats and my sister's friend, Jessie, came over and helped with all of the other prep on Christmas Eve. Jessie says she doesn't cook, but she did a great job helping me out. I think she cooks more than she lets on. :)
Anyway, the holidays are over and we are back home and getting ready to start the daily grind again. I'm working this Fri., Sat., and Sun. and also those same three days next week for a business here in town while some of the owners are out of state to celebrate a new birth in the family. The kids go back to school on the 2nd. (They aren't too thrilled, in my opinion...but this is a normal thing after vacation.)
After a little time away from blogging, I'm ready to get back to it. Hope you all had a great holiday season! I did. And I'm already planning some new projects for 2012.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I meant to post more this past week, but as always, it didn't happen.
I did finish up all of my Christmas projects. I had three stockings left and I completed the last one yesterday. I will try to post a photo of them when I get back.
Here in a bit, we are heading out to spend Christmas with one of my many sister's and her family. We're taking Mom with us too. It will take us quite a while to get there, but the drive is well worth it. We love spending time with Momma Lea and her family.
So...I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas! I hope it's everything to want and expect it to be!
See you soon...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Watching TV...

While we were at Grandma's yesterday doing some baking, my mom was doing the whole whispering thing again, going
she wanted me to grab the camera again....

Small T was watching TV....upside down in the chair....

then a little bit later...on the floor....geez.
She can be quite funny and not even try. LOL

A Funny...

While we were baking at mom's yesterday, I heard someone whispering my name "shelly....shelly....shelly"......
it was my mom. She was trying to get me to get the camera.
This is what I saw.....

I said "T...everything ok?"

She said "yep...just having trouble seeing over the top of the bowl". LOL
Sometimes I forget that she really is "small".

Baking With Grandma

Yesterday, Small T and I spent the entire day/afternoon/evening baking with Grandma.

Small T (making a mess...measuring ingredients out)

Grandma (supervising)

A double batch of cookie dough being mixed up (I think this was chocolate chip).
We made a double batch of oatmeal scotchies cookie dough,
two double batches of oatmeal cookie dough,
two double batches of chocolate chip cookie dough,
and two double batches of peanut butter cookie dough.
I will spend a day early next week baking all of these cookies up. *yikes*
The cookies will be traveling with us when we head out next Wed. or Thurs. for the holiday.
And no...we won't be eating them all ourselves. They are a part of my mom's gifts that she will be giving out. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Crocheting and Knitting

I've been under the weather for the past two weeks. My crocheting really took a hit too.

In the past week, I managed to whip out three stockings. From the left, there's the cherry red and white one (for my mom); the burgundy and aran one (for Big Daddy); and the purple/multi-colored one for me. Big Daddy also loves purple, but he detests this stocking. *sigh* It wasn't for him anyway. lol

On Wed., the 14th, my level of boredom was pretty high and I decided to try my hand at knitting again. So...I started a scarf. I cast on 30 stitches and was knitting one row, purling the next when low and behold...look what I saw...a hole. *sigh* I missed a stitch. So...I ripped it out and started over. I had about 5 inches of the scarf knitted and I found another hole. So, I ripped it out again. I have yet to cast the yarn back on the needles again. I am giving up on the gray scarf at this time. However, I have cast on another color of yarn and am diligently working away on it. It's rough going because I'm making myself pay attention so I don't mess up again. I will post a photo soon of my progress.

While working with the gray yarn on the needles, I learned a valuable lesson. See this's the side where I do the knit stitch.

See this's the side where I do the purl stitch.
I finally figured it out! It took me long enough! *sigh* I'm doing a lot of sighing these days, aren't I? But I really needed to learn this lesson.

Presenting...the Christmas Tree

Since we are going away for the holiday season, we've been going back and forth about whether or not to put the Christmas tree up. Medium J is staying home because his great-grandmother is ill (she's in her late 90's) so...the decision was made for us. We put the tree up for him so he'll have a place for his gifts.

Here's Small T putting the little tin angel on the top of the tree. It's an unconventional tree topper, but we love it.

The final view of the tree. It's all decorated. We skipped the garland, ribbon and bows and just decked it out in all of the special ornaments that we have. I think it turned out well.

December 12th

Monday, Dec. 12th, was the first home basketball game of the season for the high school teams. I was still in the midst of sickness and I forced myself to attend (even though I didn't want to). We attended the senior class Spaghetti Supper then watched the girls game. After the game, they honored the 2011 girls softball team for making it to quarterfinals.

The girls were each given a special t-shirt to commemorate the achievement. Small T is on the first row, second from the left.

Then we settled in for the boys game. This is the only photo I have of Big C from the game. This photo shows him and the team as they are running in to get warmed up. I felt sooooo bad that I was constantly getting up and watching from the doorway and then sitting down for a few minutes. I was such a bad spectator. But at least I saw the game.
The girls and the boys both won their games, but barely. The boys game went into over-time.

First Snow Of The Season

We had our first "sticking" snow of the season on Dec. 6th. It didn't snow a whole lot, but it did stick around for most of the day.

Looking to the right off my front porch.

Looking to the left off my front porch.

Looking down the steps off my front porch.
Boring photos, but good views of the snow.

Getting To Know Each Other...

Yesterday, when I was loading photos onto the computer, I came across these. I had taken them around Thanksgiving. I had forgotten all about them. Weird, right? They are such cute photos though. Big C aka "Uncle Buck" was getting to know his favorite cousin's little girl...Baby E. He determined that he's going to be her Godfather and be called Uncle Buck. For him to be her favorite uncle in the future, that called for a lot of bonding. That's what they are doing in these photos. :)

Hey's me...Uncle Buck.

Goo Goo Goo...trying to make her giggle.

Having a little heart to heart conversation.

A close-up of Baby E. She's such a cutie!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another set of....

the L.A.M.B. hat and wrist warmers is complete. I had thought I was done after the previous four sets, but my niece asked for another set. These in purple. Actually, amethyst. I took several photos of the set, but no matter what I do, I cannot get the purple to turn out correctly. It always looks blue. Anyway, I love how these hats look and I wish I looked good in hats as I would want one for myself. LOL The link to the free pattern can be found in a previous post.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Couple of Monsters...

Well, one of my nephews that I will be spending Christmas with has been trying and trying to get me to make him a set of Nick and Maggie owls and I just can't do that because those owls will be a gift for another person in that household. So...I needed to come up with something else for him and his brother. Since I'm still sick and have been spending quite a bit of time in and out of my bed today, I had plenty of time to think on this subject. This is what I came up with. I just winged it and have no pattern to share simply because I didn't write it down. Sorry!

I'm calling this one my "witch doctor". I'm waiting for a name to come to me so I can make him an ID tag. Any suggetions?
BTW, I love the eye ball hanging down. LOL

I don't have a name for this one yet either. Suggestions would be appreciated.
I just finished him up about 15 minutes ago.
Both of these guys were made using yarn out of my scrap bag. All of it, Red Heart.
I had been debating about what to put around his neck and Big Daddy said "a bow tie". So, that's what he's wearing. He looks kind of witch doctor-ish too, in my opinion. Just a bit more dressed he's got a date.
So...tomorrow I will find a couple of boxes and make a couple of ID tags for them and get them ready to be wrapped up. I hope the boys like them. Their mom does! Isn't it nice to have cell phones that send photos? They live quite a fair distance from me and I have the ability to show them to my sister long before she would normally see them. That's so cool!
Anyway, my sister also looks at my blog occasionally and she asked me to post the photos here so she can get a better look at them. I hope you like them even better in the bigger photos Momma Lea! See you soon! Love ya!

Camo Santa Hat

I completely forgot that I made this Camo Santa Hat the other day. I think I forgot about it because Medium J took it downstairs to his bedroom, and once something is out of my sight, it's out of my mind. LOL I guess that old saying is true after all.

Anyway, I used the free pattern called "Santa Hat" from . The yarn is Camo and Black, both in Red Heart.
I made the large size and it ended up being too big for him, but the right size for me.
Also, I completely suck at making pom-poms. You can see this in the photo! I will have to practice this in the future so I can get it right.
On the brighter side of things, Medium J has been wearing this hat every time he goes outside! Good for him! He's showing his Christmas cheer!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Few More Christmas Gifts

I spent some time yesterday and today whipping out a few more Christmas gifts. Thankfully, my list is dwindling. Finally!

This is a Kid's Earflap Hat. You can find the free pattern here I used Red Heat yarn in Royal and Black and a J hook.

This is a Quick Easy Winter Beanie. The free pattern can be found here . I used Red Heart yarn in Black and Pumpkin and a J hook since my brother in law has a big head like I do. I'm also making another one of these hats using Simply Soft yarn. I don't have a photo of it to share yet.

Christmas Ornaments

I found these lovely Christmas ornaments at the local dimestore last week. They were a buck a piece! Super deal! I couldn't resist them and ended up buying one of each! These will look great on my tree this year!

Thrift Store Bargains

One day last week I had the opportunity to visit the thrift store in the next town over. As always, there are good bargains to be had. For a $10 bill, I got the following:

A set of shot glasses. These will be a gift for a grown niece.

A lovely yellow sheet for my bed (the color just isn't showing up enough) and 25, yep 25, pillowcases. There are 4 sets and the rest are singles. I am hoping to put a crochet edging on some of them to fancy them up. The pillowcases are priced at 75 cents per pair. That's a bargain! Normally, I find a lot of embroidered pillow cases in the bin, but this time they didn't have any. Maybe next time. I really lucked out though because I found 3 sets of "manly" pillowcases...gray with stripes, a sort of khaki green color, and the camo with orange trim. My guys will love these! I can't wait until I get the opportunity to go and scavenge around again!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Latest Crochet Project

My latest crochet project is....a preteen version of the earflap hat. I'm using Royal and Black Red Heart yarn (as requested by my nephew). It will get wrapped up for Christmas when I'm done. I promise to post a photo. I'm just getting started on it and I think I'm on round 5 or so.

*sigh*...I'm SICK...

I'm looking pretty fierce, aren't I? I feel about like I feel...blah. My head is like a rock sitting on my shoulders. Stuffy nose that runs, sore throat, ears hurt, lots and lots of coughing going on...and here I sit at the computer desk. I just can't help myself. It's probably good that I'm here at the moment because the kids, God bless them, are irritating me to death and they really aren't doing anything that would normally irritate me. Anyway, I've got my favorite ratty old sweatshirt on over my favorite nightgown along with a pair of comfy socks. I'm ready to hit the bed or hit the couch for some more crochet time. But, Big Daddy is watching football and his screaming and hollering is irritating me, so maybe I should just go to the bedroom for a lie down. What do you think? You agree with me? A lie down? Good. See you all soon!

Latest Projects Finished

Small T is modeling one of the L.A.M.B hats. The free pattern can be found here .
I really like this one with the green stripes. Plus, the hat is a lot slouchier than any of the others I have made and that's appealing to me at the moment.

These are the last two L.A.M.B. hats and matching wrist warmers that I finished up today. I used Red Heart yarn in white, black, pumpkin and turqua.

These are all four of the "sets" I made for one of my nieces. She wants to give them out as Christmas presents to a few of her friends. I thought that was really sweet.
I love the BRIGHT colors and how they really pop against the black and white yarn!
By the way, the wrist warmers are from my pattern which can be found here .

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Latest Projects

So...what's been going on in the crochet world here at Big Momma's house?

Well...I finally got around to putting beaks on Nick and Maggie. They look so much better now!
I wrapped them up in a box yesterday so they are ready for gift giving.

One of my nieces kindly asked me to make some wrist warmers so she can give them to her friends for Christmas gifts. These are a few of the samples. She will be giving out one set of black, the black with green, black with pink, and one other unmade set.

She also asked me to make some hats to go with the wrist warmers. This is the first one. It's a LAMB inspired hat (think Gwen Stefani). The free pattern can be found here . So far, my family really likes this hat. I'm hoping that Small T is in a good mood after school today and will be cooperative and model the hat for me.

1st Game of the Season

Tuesday night was Big C's 1st basketball game of the season.
They played in the NW'ern Tournament.
They ended up losing, but they played a good game.

Big C is in red, the second from the left.

Big C is getting ready to throw the ball back into the game.

Big C is #55...he's running to get under the basketball goal and get set up for a play.