Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Inspired By...

This morning, I stumbled across a "new-to-me" blog.  It's called Pigtails.
Here's the link:

Right off the bat, with her latest post, I've fallen in love.  In love with her Patchwork Blanket.  It's absolutely gorgeous and just down-right homey!  I could definitely see myself making one of these blankets.  :)  I'm always looking for new inspiration when it's comes to an afghan and this is definitely some serious inspiration for me as I love the look of quilting but it can be hard to transfer that over to crochet.  She did a pretty good job of it by using sc granny squares.
I also like that she shares her Granny Square Color Pattern Generator.  I bookmarked this.  It's that important to me and any future projects that I'm having trouble with when it comes to making my granny squares.  This generator is just genius!!!

Now, what else did I like about her blog.  Here it is:

The photography on her blog is just beautiful!  And she gives me a glimpse of life somewhere other than here in the USA.  She currently lives in South Africa but she and her family are constantly moving around to new places due to her husband's job and the family loves it.  She says her family are "Global Nomads".  Interesting.

She shares a beautiful oyster colored Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch Scarf that she made.  It's truly pretty.  I've never considered oyster as a color for me, but Small T loves it.  In fact, she wears a lot of the same colors that Magda favors, so maybe I will be a bit more inspired in the crochet items I try to make for Small T and that she usually doesn't like.  Maybe color is the key here.

She offers a Star Shaped Pillow "how-to".  I could see myself trying this out for one of my great-nephews.

I like that she puts together Mood Boards when deciding what to do with some of the interesting yarns that she uses.  What a great way to be inspired!

She talks about the Mielie design project that involves underprivileged township women to create the designs used in their products such as handbags.  She even makes her own Mielie inspired scarf.  She inspires me and other blog readers to browse the blog for "Mielie Crochet".  I will put this on my list.

I'm totally blown away by what they used as their Christmas Tree.  Wow!  You've got to check this out.  It's not a typical Christmas Tree at all in that it's made out of unusual materials.  Hmmmm....

Her Checkerboard Baby Blanket is cute!  It's actually the size of a throw, which is what I would want as well.  I like her colors too, but would probably use a different color palette for my living room.  I could see myself making one of these blankets too.

I like the colors she used for her Babette Style Throw.  Great combination!  And it looks wonderful photographed on her bed.

I really like the rustic, ombre yarns she used in the "Blanket for Baby Ryder".  These are the types of yarns I like when making things for my home but I never buy them.  Crazy, right?

I find myself drawn to her Single Crochet Skinny Scarf.  I don't know why.  I would never wear something like this.  Is it the colors that draw me in?  Or the long length of the scarf?  I don't know.  But I might just make one of these and see how I like it.  It sure can't hurt.

She has posted a tutorial on "Squaring the US Treble Circle".  This could be very handy!

I really, really, really like the Red Cross Throw she made.  I like the pattern AND the yarn she used.  Another blanket to think about making.

I think it's great that her teen daughter also enjoys yarn and hooking and even writes her own blog.  She also enjoys designing her own projects.  Lovely!   Small T isn't interested in yarn and hooking but she is talking about writing her own blog.  That would make me happy.  Except that she said I'm not allowed to view it.  Hmmm....

I am intrigued that she uses round place mats on her table.  I never thought about using round ones.  I really like the black and white ones that she made and she even shares her pattern for them.  I might be trying these out as well.  I could see buying some cotton in the natural colors for my table.

She provides a link to a 10 petal coaster pattern that I also like.  This is another project I will add to my to-make list.  I like these that much!

I swear, I am going to try out her daughter's tutorial for "Cabbage Rabbit/ The Easter Bunny".  I just need to find a bumpy type of yarn to make it with.  I love the texture!

She also shares a pattern for floor cushions and roly poly balls and such.  I could see a floor cushion in my house but it would have to be "huge" because Big C would always be on it...and he's "big".  So a small cushion just wouldn't do.

This blog is worth the visit.  Seriously.  Most everything she makes has a pattern with it or a link to one.  She has a vibrant palette of colors for her kids and a more monochrome palette for herself, so there's a lot of variety offered.  She talks about herself, her family, her travels and much more.  Stop by and see what she has to offer!

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