Saturday, February 22, 2014

Knitting Pattern Links

I felt like looking at knitting patterns for baby blankets this morning and thought I would share a few of my favorite pattern links off the Lion Brand website.  Remember, I'm a very basic knitter and these are either Level 1 or 2 patterns.  (Some of these are the same pattern stitch but just a different color or stripe pattern.)

Baby Blankie  (I've never attempted a pattern before but I would try this one)
Basketweave Baby Blanket  (It's basically the same pattern as the Baby Blankie pattern)
Blue Lagoon Blanket  (cool stripe pattern using two yarns held together throughout)
Bright Knit Baby Throw  (very modern take with the striped yarn)
Checkers Baby Blanket (another basketweave blanket)
Cuddle Tight Baby Blanket (diagonal pattern)
Lemon Squeezy Stroller Blanket
Mixed Stripe Baby Throw
My Blankie
Neptune Baby Throw (diagonal)
Squishy Soft Baby Blanket (seed stitch)
Sunshine Day Baby Throw (I really like this one and might try it next)
Wee Warmth Baby Blanket (for outside in the Winter)

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