Saturday, February 15, 2014

Big C

Big C came home from college last weekend.  He arrived on Friday afternoon and promptly left to spend time with his friends.  We didn't see him very much at all.  He was set to leave Sunday around noon.  I woke up early to finish his laundry and that's when I figured out it was snowing again.  So I hurried up with the laundry and woke Big C up to get himself showered and packed.  Then it was time for him to leave.
 Can you see this big snowflakes that are falling?  Cool, right?  Yep.  Unless you have a 3+ hour drive ahead of you, like Big C did.
 Big Brother, Medium J, is helping him pack up the car.  It's actually Medium J's car, but Big C has been driving it back and forth to school on and off.  His frat buddies call the car, the "pimp mobile".  lol  They have to have something to razz him about.  Anyway, Big C headed out and made it to college safely.  I was relieved.
I popped this little photo in with the others simply because I almost never get a photo of Medium J.  You can't see his face in this one, but at least I have a photo of him.  :)

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