Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Disney Character Day

It's Homecoming Week at school this week.
Today is Disney Character Day.
 Small T is Darla off of Finding Nemo.  See....she's got Nemo in the bag of water in her hand.  (it's a carrot)  She made her own retainer using a wire coat hanger.  We bought the skirt in the little girls dept. at Good Will and the sweater at another Good Will.  Her hair is in pig tails but they are falling down already.  She has lacy socks on with her Converse.  Costume complete.
 Speaking of the lacy socks, we couldn't find her a pair yesterday, so I took a pair of white ones and crocheted a lacy edging on it for her.  A little white embroidery floss saves the day!
Since it's Winter here, Little Ty had to wear some clothes under his costume.  He still looks good!

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