Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentine

I almost forgot to post about Big Daddy and the Valentine I made him.  That just wouldn't do!  Big Daddy is the kind of guy that loves all that cheesy, sappy, holiday stuff.  The cheesier the better!  So instead of my usual store-bought card and box of assorted chocolates, I made Big Daddy this huge "card".  I found the idea on Pinterest.  Sometimes, I thank God for Pinterest, and this is one of them.
Big Daddy absolutely loved the card and he insisted that I take a photo of him holding it and put it on my blog.  So that's what I'm doing.

The card reads:
Happy Valentine's Day!
To my (Sweet Tart) are so
aaah (M&M's) zing!  When I'm 
with you, I feel like I'm on the 
(Milky Way) or just won (100 Grand)!
I don't mind if people (Snickers) because
I love you to (Reese's Pieces)!  What did I do
to (Skor) a (Sugar Babies)
like you?
Hugs and Kisses, Shelly


  1. that is cheezy..but in a good way...nice job!!!

    1. thanks. he liked it so that was a plus! lol