Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grape Scarf

I started this scarf (for myself) on Super Bowl Sunday.  You see, I'm freezing to death this Winter and felt that I needed a scarf of my own.  I actually wanted a black one to go with my black coat, but I don't have enough black yarn in my stash.  I do have several skeins of the Grape colored Simply Soft though, and being that purple is my favorite color, I thought..."why not".
To make this, I started with a chain of 180 as I wanted a longer scarf.  I'm holding 2 strands of yarn together as I make it so it's good and warm.  I'm using a size K crochet hook.  I'm working the scarf in a hdc stitch.
This is where I left off on the scarf Sunday night.  It still looks like this.  I've been knitting on the Knitted Toddler Blanket instead of crocheting.


  1. It's a good start. The color is very pretty and should be striking against your coat.