Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inspired by...

Today's post is about the blog, Mereknits.

She crochets, she knits, she weaves, she cooks (some), she blogs about her family, especially her dog, Max, and much more.  I enjoy reading her blog because I can associate with having a child away at college.  I also can sympathize with the finished crochet and knitted items that don't turn out like they are supposed to.

Here are a few things from her blog that stuck with me:

Her comment about Interchangeable Knitting Needles.  I'm dying to get some of these.  Her comments make me think twice about it because I'm not an experienced knitter and if I have my needles come undone, I would have to start the project over from the beginning and that would be bad.

She posts recipes for those with hypoglycemia.  Small T has hypoglycemia.

She is participating in the Stash-busting For Stashaholics Challenge.  So am I!

I really like her tutorial for the knitting ornaments.  I could see myself making some of these!

I found the "how to make a scarf loom" post very interesting.  If I was a weaver, this would be very informative.

I absolutely LOVE her cup cozies.  I swear, I am making some of these!  They are on my list of things I want to make, so they will be done!!!

I've been thinking about making some crochet curtains for my bedroom.  She's made one and it turned out great!

She sometimes joins up with a CAL or a KAL.  I like that.  I do this once in a while as well.

I love the Chocolate Blanket she made her son.  She said it's a simple treble crochet shell pattern. I need to look this up.

She has a couple of tutorials for crochet flowers.

But most of all, I love her post from June 16, 2009.  It's titled "Dear Children".  I can associate with this 100% and I think those same words all the time.

So...that's my opinion of her blog.  I really enjoy visiting there and I hope you do too.

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