Monday, February 24, 2014


Yesterday, I felt like I just needed to crochet something.  It didn't matter what.  I just needed to crochet for a bit.  So I started with a purple square.  Nothing serious.  Not your typical square either.  Just rows of dc back and forth.  Then I wanted a motif of some kind.  So I ended up with a four petal flower or some sort.  Kind of ugly, but that's ok.  Then I messed around and around and around with trying to embellish the square.  I tried different edgings all around and then some just along the bottom.  I even tried a blanket stich around the edge and also a running stitch along the outer row.  I took photos of each of these (but I deleted them) and in the end...I decided that I liked my little square just as you see it.  Will I make any more of them?  Who knows.  It felt good to fiddle with my yarn yesterday and that's all that mattered.