Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lapghan #16

Lapghan #16 uses partial skeins in varying colors of blue and purple held together throughout with a huge skein of navy blue. All of these yarns are Red Heart and came out of my "stash".

Lapghan #15

Lapghan #15 was made out of Red Heart yarn in white, royal blue and cherry red. I used a size P hook and not quite 2 skeins of each color. It is outlined with royal blue.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Book Nook - Post 3

I have read the following books:

Dead and Gone (Book 9 in the series) by Charlaine Harris - I love this series!!! They are the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I couldn't believe my luck when I found it out in paperback. I bought it and read it. Just like that. I see that book 10 is out as well, but it's still in hardback so I'll just have to wait. I give this book a 9 out of 10. And these books are about vampires, shape-shifters, etc..

The Vampire Diaries (The Awakening and The Struggle) by L.J. Smith - This book is a two in one... two novels in one book. Obviously, the topic has to do with vampires. I enjoyed these two stories and am getting ready to read the next two in the series. I give this book a 7 out of 10.

The Book Nook - Post 2

I read the following books in the Last Apprentice Series by Joseph Delaney:

Book 2 - The Last Apprentice - Curse of the Bane
Book 3 - The Last Apprentice - Night of the Soul Stealer
Book 4 - The Last Apprentice - Attack of the Fiend
Book 5 - The Last Apprentice - Wrath of the Bloodeye

I read Book 1 - The Last Apprentice - Revenge of the Witch, back in January. I thought it was a bit slow going but I decided that I would read the rest of the series and give them a shot. I must admit that I really started getting into the books and I quickly went through all of them. Each book talks about a different subject, sort of, and it's quick to bring you in. So, after a rough start, I am finally saying that I enjoyed these books. Obviously, it's about an apprentice, but it's an apprentice to a "spook". A "spook" is someone that handles all the creatures like witches, boggarts, etc.. My score on this series is a 7 out of 10.

The Book Nook

I've read the following books lately:

Wicked 2
Wicked Resurrection

These are by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie. Wicked 1 & 2 both have two novels per book. So essentially, I read 5 books. These were good, but not fabulous. I found them hard to read at times because of the many story lines and skipping back and forth between the timelines. But, I did stick with it and I loved the ending. So, out of a possible 10, I give this book series a 6. By the way, this series is about witches and warlocks.

TV Shows

Well, a new season of TV shows has arrived. I'm branching out from my normal "type" that I watch and I have several new favorites. They are:

Pretty Little Liars
The Gates
Dance Your A** Off
Jersey Couture
The Fabulous Beekman Boys

What's everyone else watching this summer?

Lapghan #15

I have started Lapghan #15. I'm using Red Heart yarn in three colors...royal blue, cherry red and white. I'm using the pattern I usually do but for me it only takes 6 or less skeins of yarn (total) and I use a size P crochet hook. I also do 60 rows instead of 57 and my lapghan doesn't measure 57 inches. The size I end up with is perfect for people in wheel chairs or good for covering the lap of an average sized person. I also use this pattern to make small afghans for my younger nieces and nephews. Anyway, for this lapghan, I am doing a block of color ... or 20 rows...before going to the next color. I started with red, which I've finished, and now I'm moving on to white. Then I'll do blue and I haven't decided on the edging yet. I'll either do red, blue or a combination of the two colors.


My daughter got glasses two days ago. Doesn't she look cute? She isn't thrilled with them, but that's ok. They are corrective and she should only have to wear them for two months or so. I have to admit, that she looks older with glasses.

Granny Square Afghan

I decided to try out a new crochet pattern. I haven't made a granny square in probably 19 or 20 years now. Obviously, I'd gotten in a rut. :( Anyway, I googled some patterns and found this one . I thought the pattern was easy to follow and I liked what she was able to make out of them. So, I got out my dwindling yarn stash and chose all the colors that resembled Fall/Autumn (reds, oranges, yellow, brown, and green). I held two strands of different colored yarn together throughout the project. I kept repeating row after row until I used up all of the yarn I had gotten out and ended up having to buy two skeins of yarn in order to finish it up. I could have made this much bigger, but I figured it was a good size to use for snuggling up on the couch and ended where I was. All in all, I like this project and I would make another in a heart beat. :)

Lapghan #14

Here is a photo of Lapghan #14. My daughter is holding it up (by bribery). It's made of Redheart yarn using the color Black Fleck. You can't see the colors clearly though.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Photos of "me"

I decided to post a couple of photos of myself, sporting my new tan that I've acquired in the past two weeks while working as an Asst. Manager at the local pool. I'm getting pretty brown, aren't I?

Lapghan #14

Lapghan #14 is "in the works". I decided to do one where I had to buy some yarn instead of another one made from my "stash" of yarn, which is steadily growing smaller. I had one skein of the yarn that I'm using for lapghan #14, and I bought 4 more, but I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn to finish it. Each skein has less yarn on it than a solid color skein would have. The color of this lapghan is black fleck. My husband really likes it, so I decided to humor him and make the whole lapghan this color.

Lapghans 12 & 13

These lapghans were made using leftover yarn out of my stash. As with the rest of the lapghans, they are for donation.

Lapghans 9, 10 & 11

These three lapghans were made using leftover yarn out of my stash.