Saturday, February 22, 2014

Inspired By...

I visited an absolutely beautiful blog last night while waiting for the kids to get home.  It's called Happy In Red.  She is a journalist that blogs about crocheting, writing, sewing, cooking and traveling.  The photography on her blog is exceptional!

Here's what I liked about her blog:

I really like that she uses black in some of her crochet projects.  I could see myself making (and lovingly using) a granny square blanket worked in black...just like hers.

I would try the recipe for the Pull Apart Lemon Bread.  Big Daddy and Small T are both freaks about Lemon flavoring.  (By the way, she shares several recipes throughout the blog.  So if you are a cooking kind of girl, check them out.)

She shares several links for different snowflake patterns which she used for a snowflake garland.  I would make one of these for the holidays.  In fact, I think I might make one for my bedroom.  For year round viewing pleasure.  In purple.  Or beige.

She shares a crochet tutorial for a Women's Beanie.

She shares a crochet tutorial for a Diamond Stitch Blanket.  I could see myself making one of these.  I really like the vintage-ness of the pattern.

I like that she's taking photography workshops to improve her photography skills.  I need to do this.  Heck.  I just need to learn how to take a photo.  Period.

She really likes the ripple blanket pattern and I love the color combos that she uses and the different stripe patterns.

I like that she grows her own little veggie patch and "eats from it" as well.  No's functional.  She shares several preservation recipes for her vegetables as well.

The crochet elephant she made is just darling!  And she shares the pattern link too.  Small T is a fool over elephants!  If she sees this I'll have to make her one.  There won't be any getting out of it.

I really love the colors of the large granny square blanket she crocheted.  It's mainly black with blue, purple, gold, white, and green added in.  The colors would fit in well with my "manly living room".

The felt Christmas tree garland she made is just adorable.  If only I liked to sew a lot more than what I do.

Big Daddy would love her Tetris Pillows.  He's a huge Tetris Fan.  I wonder where she found the fabric?

She shares some book reviews.  Magazines too.  That's right up my alley.

She occasionally hosts a give-away.  :)  It would be cool to enter and then win one!!!

I love her Greek Granny Stripe Blanket that she crocheted.  I long for it in my home!  The colors.  Oooohhhh....

I admire her for starting her own creative food magazine (with two friends).  It's called "Robin".

Her Summer Crochet Blanket is so pretty!  Beautiful color combination!

When she travels, I like that she shares "places to eat", "places to shop", "places to visit", and so on.  I know that if I'm wanting to go somewhere, she's giving some potentially good advice because she's already been there.

I would like to make (or buy) an Elefunky.  It's a sewn elephant softie.  I want one for each of my future grandkids.  When I was in college, I was a nanny, and one of the children had an elephant softie that he called Trunkles.

She crocheted a simply fab Granny Stripe Blanket and then she shares a tutorial on how to make the edging for it.  :)  Two thumbs up!!!

She has some free printable postcards offered early on in the blog.  Back at the beginning.

She shares a free Winter Star Crochet Pattern.  I'm going to try this.  I keep saying that.  Don't I?

Big Daddy would love to have me make her "Beanie For Your Man".  I'll have to do it.  He seldom asks for stuff but this would be one thing he'd want.

Another simply fab blanket that I covet on her blog is the Girlie Blanket.  It's crocheted granny squares in faded pink, red, burgundy, beige, gray and white.  I'm not really big on girlie colors but I really like this color combo.

I like that she crochets blankets and squares for disaster relief.  She either donates the squares to be sewn into blankets or auctions off a finished blanket and donates the proceeds.  :)

She has a free pattern for a really cute crochet flower.  :)  (post date 5/5/11)

I truly enjoyed this blog because she seems like a regular person.  Someone that I could see myself living next door to.  We share a lot of the same interests and it's almost like she's a  much younger, distant cousin or something.  It's uncanny.  (I hope this isn't making me sound like a crazy person by saying that.  I'm not crazy.  I swear.)  Her blog is very interesting and I will continue to follow it.


  1. Thanks for the link it's a lovely blog - good luck with your knitting x

    1. thanks and you're welcome. i think her blog is just wonderful!