Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Homespun "Crocheted" Doll Blanket - Free Pattern

A few weeks ago, I felt the need to make a crocheted version of the Homespun Knitted Doll Blanket.
I gathered up a bag of mismatched, but somehow related, yarn balls and set to work.
I used a size K crochet hook and started out with a ch of 58. Then it was "sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in each ch across". "Ch 1, turn. sc in each st across". Repeat each row until you have the desired length. The border/edging is a basic sc worked in each st around, with 3 sc in each corner st. I worked several rows of this. Then, I wove in the ends and it was finished. TaDa!!!! Another lovely little doll blanket pattern to share. Hope you like it. :)

LL Bean Colors

I have completed another Homespun Knitted Doll Blanket.
This time, I used what I call "LL Bean colors", gray, yellow and white.
Here are a few photos of the blanket in progress as well as finished.

The edging is a simple sc edging done in a variegated cotton yarn.
The basic pattern for this little doll blanket can be found on my free knitting patterns page.

A Lost Art?

I've heard that Cursive writing is becoming a lost art. In fact, our local school no longer teaches it. What about in your area? Is it still taught in school?

Friday, February 13, 2015

V-Day Inspiration

My final "Valentine's Day" Inspiration choices:

Can you guess which ones I made? One, several, or all? Big Daddy loves these types of gifts!

Senior Ad

Last week, I had to get my stuff in for Tianna's Senior Ad in the yearbook. I emailed my favorite photo of her to the advisor and filled out the paperwork with this quote:

I'm not super sentimental about stuff like this, but honestly, this brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. I think it says it all.

I Will Miss This

Guess where I've been? Yep.  The ball games. Again.
The only part I enjoy is watching Small T cheer. I'm not a big fan of basketball, even though the kids have all played.
 Small T is on the left.
Small T is in the middle.
I'm always glad when basketball season is over, but this is the last year I have any children in school (other than college). So, I'm probably going to miss it. Sometimes.

This Blew My Mind!!!

I saw this one day and I was like "NO WAY!" It totally blew my mind!!! Two of my favorite shows, side by side, and all I could think was "no way!". Was Big Bang Theory based on Dexter's Laboratory????????????????

A Love Story

I have this love story going on...and my husband is tolerant of it. He really is. You see, I LOVE coffee. Every morning, without out fail, that first cup of steaming coffee is my best friend...the love of my life...the pea to my pod. It's been this way for years. In fact, let me tell you about it.
 This is me. (see above) Every morning. 365 days a year. As soon as I wake up, I turn the coffee pot on. Yep. Even before I head to the bathroom. That way, I don't have to wait so long for it to perk. Weird, right? Usually you hit the bathroom first, THEN turn on the coffee pot. Not me. After the bathroom visit, while I'm waiting for the pot to finish perking, I'm getting my outside clothes on. In the Winter, I also add a blanket around my lower half so I'm not froze to death. Then I get my wonderful cup of coffee and head to the front porch. Yes, even when it's -10 degrees F outside. There's just something about the peacefulness of drinking my coffee outside (alone). You see...I'm not a morning person and I'm definitely not a people person until AFTER I've had that first cup of coffee. (see photo below)
Everyone in my family knows that I really don't like people talking to me BEFORE I've had my coffee. It's a fact that we teach our children asap AND it also tends to be a family joke that everyone is great at teasing me about. But, I can't help it. I was born like this. You would think that after 20 years of marriage, my husband would remember how I am in the morning but every now and then he will get a wild hair and forget all about this and actually SPEAK to me while I'm savoring my first cup of pure heaven and then there's the moment when he realizes what he's done and is like "OMG".  I would never tell him, but it's actually quite comical to watch this "aha moment". But it's not funny until later in the day.  At that moment, I cannot be held responsible for anything that may or may not occur, as I have NO sense of humor during that waking up period. I will admit that I always apologize for any negative behavior that has occurred as a result of interrupting my peaceful waking up time. You see, my inner "ass" tends to surface during those encounters, then I have to apologize to the offender, and then my day will start off badly. Luckily, this doesn't happen often anymore. But, when Ty lived with us, it was his great pleasure to "bother" me every morning. He made it a point to do so. It was a game with him and I was aware of it so I was prepared. Anyway, I've tried to give up my "other love" several times but it doesn't work out very well. I have managed to cut it down to one encounter a day, of only one cup. Occasionally, a second cup will be drank but it's not often. So I was wondering, do any of you have another love as well?

Something to Remember...

During some of my college classes this semester, we've really been talking about our professional image and how important it is to project positive traits. One of my notorious faults is that I like to talk. Sometimes I really need to think before I open my mouth and I never remember to do so. I saw this reminder (below) and I keep it on my phone so I don't forget. I also printed it out and stuck it on my backpack so I always see it. It's great advice.

My Lucky Day!

I don't attend classes on Friday's, so I never know what I'll be doing on those days until I get up that morning.  Friday the 23rd of January was my LUCKY DAY! I got to babysit my newest great-niece, Zaylie! Her mom, my niece, Z (Zanna), is still in high school and needed an emergency babysitter and I was lucky enough to get asked.  Yay! Of course, little Sugar Bear (Zaylie) and Honey Bear (me) took a ton of photos and videos during our time together. Here are a few of my favorite photos:
 She loves to smile and she just turned 3 months old! She's a ton of fun, let me tell you.
 Of course, a lot of napping took place.
And she had a great time with Uncle Kenny. He had her laughing, which I had no idea that babies that age would laugh like she did. Crazy, right?
We haven't been asked to babysit again, but we're waiting for the chance!