Monday, May 27, 2013

WIP - Update

My work on the Ripple is officially at a stand-still.  I ran out of the Camo colored yarn today.  I have 18 stripes of 4 rows along with the final stripe of 3 rows and part of the 4th finished.  Looks like I'm going to have to go to Wal-Mart sometime soon so I can get back to work on this.  *sigh*


From 5/21 through 5/27

Tuesday-  Leftover Night- Chicken Fajitas made with leftover grilled chicken breasts
Wednesday-  Leftover Night - Grilled Hamburgers from the frig., Chips
Thursday-  Grilled Boneless Pork Chops, Potatoes and Onions, Green Beans
Friday- At out - Chinese (we were traveling)
Saturday-  Grilled Hot Dogs, Tator Tots (in the oven)
Sunday-  Carry Out - Cheese Pizza, Salad (from home)
Monday-  Hamburger Steaks (baked), Green Beans, Fruit (bananas and apples), Vanilla Ice Cream

Grocery Challenge - Week 21

**Edited to you all know, I got screwed up and missed posting for a few weeks.  I'm sorry for that.  But, I'm back on track and will strive to not screw up again.  So...with that we go.**

From 5/21 through 5/27

Trip 1 (5/26)
gallon of 2% milk $3.61

Total cost (including tax) $3.77

Trip 2 (5/27)
Whole wheat bread $1.59
White sandwich bread $1.39
2 containers Country Time Lemonade Drink Mix $4.00 (on sale 2/$4)
2 containers Country Time Pink Lemonade Drink Mix $4.00 (on sale 2/$4)
Orange Juice $1.59
Family Pack 3+ lbs. ground chuck $6.07
1 lb. bag baby carrots $1.49
1.37 lbs. bananas $1.08
Fresh Broccoli  $1.34
3# bag of apples $4.49

Total cost (including tax) $28.25

Total for week $32.02

Saturday, May 25, 2013

WIP Update

This is what the Ripple looks like as of this afternoon today.  I've did a few more rows on it since then, but not a whole lot.  Our Central Air is acting up and with it turned off, I got hot sitting under all of that yarnie goodness, so I put it down for awhile.  I'm not sure how I feel about this Ripple.  Maybe by the time I get it finished, I will have an idea about my "impression" of it.  At this point, I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Needlepoint/Embroidery Project

Well, looks like I'm going to be working on some Needlepoint/Embroidery quilt squares for my stepmom.  She's needing them done for a quilt that was commissioned (she a quilter) so I offered to help her out.  I can't crochet at the pool because it's too hot but I can do some needlepoint when I'm not busy.  She's started this first square, but there are plenty of them to work on.  I don't do a lot of needlepoint, but every now and then, I'll do some.  It's a fun project to break up the monotony when I get tired of working with yarn.  Plus, it's good to help family out with their projects when they need help.

Camo Neat Ripple

My current project is another Neat Ripple Afghan that someone commissioned me to make.  The yarn was provided along with the pattern request of wavy stripes, so that's what she's getting.  As to the particulars, I started out with a beginning ch of 140 plus 3 for turning.  The yarn is all Red Heart Super Saver in the colors Camouflage, Black and Buff.  I'm using a size I crochet hook.  The pattern is called the Neat Ripple pattern on Attic 24's blog.  You can find it by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Double V Baby Blanket - Free Pattern

Today, I'm sharing my latest free pattern.  It's called the Double V Baby Blanket.
I needed a light weight, airy blanket and this is what I came up with.
Here's a photo of the entire blanket.
And here's a close-up view of the stitch detail.

This is an easy pattern and works up quickly.  If you can do the following stitches : ch, dc, and sc, then you will have no problem at all.

Double V Baby Blanket - Free Pattern

Bernat Baby Sport yarn in Pale Blue (I had a big skein and used less than 1/3 of it.)
size H crochet hook
yarn needle for weaving in ends

special stitch : Double V - work (dc, ch 2, dc, ch 2, dc) in the same stitch.

ch 106.

1- in 7th ch from hook, work Double V, *sk 4 chs, work Double V in next ch, repeat from * across until there are 3 chs left, sk 2 chs, dc in last ch.

2- ch 3, turn.  *work Double V in the center dc of the Double V in the previous row, repeat from * across, dc in the top ch of the turning ch.

3 through 40 - repeat row 2.

at the end of row 40, you are ready to start the edging or border, ch 1, then sc evenly around the edge of the blanket, putting 3 sc in each corner st.  work 2 rows of sc for the edging, then finish off, weave in ends.  that's it.  super easy and lovely to look at.

***Note:  Please don't claim this pattern as your own.  If you would like to make a blanket off this pattern, please feel free to do so.  You may sell these blankets, but if you are asked, please give me credit for the pattern.  Thanks a bunch!***

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grocery Challenge & Menu

Somehow, I got distracted in regards to the Grocery Challenge and the Menu features I've been putting on my blog.  I deeply apologize for this.  If I can find my grocery receipts, I will try to update the weeks that I missed, but honestly, I think I need to start fresh for this week.  I hope no one minds.  My only excuse it that it's been VERY, VERY BUSY with school, kids and home.  Even though that's not really a good excuse.  I will strive to do better.  Promise.

New project

I've started a new project twice now. I'm writing up the pattern as I go. I didn't like how it was turning out so I frogged it this morning (Monday) and started over.  I like it better now.  Once I finish, there will be a new pattern on my blog to share.  It's a super easy pattern, so hopefully everyone will enjoy it.

**Edited to add...I've not had much time over the past week for any yarn crafting due to Big C's graduation, but hopefully I'll be back in the groove again soon!**


 Big C graduated from High School this past Sunday, May 19th. 
 He was one of ten graduating seniors.
 Big C with Big Daddy and I.
 Big C and Small T.
Big C and Grandma (my mom).
We had a lot of family from out-of-town stay with us over the weekend.  We ended up opening up the camper in order to hold them all.  :)  After graduation, we held a big BBQ at our home for our friends and family to celebrate his big day.


My tomato plant has really taken off this past week!  I did have about 8 tomatoes on it last weekend and that number has at least tripled.  The plant itself has doubled in size this week.  We've only had this plant for a little over a week, so it's doing great!

Big C's Surprise

I came home from school last Wednesday to find Big C sporting a tattoo.  I was not expecting to find this at all.  It's not that I'm against tattoos per se, I just don't want my kids to have any at this point.  He is legally an adult, doesn't really matter what my opinion is, but I'm just glad that he put it on his back upper shoulder area where it can be covered up for working.  It's really hard to get a job around here if you have a visible tattoo.  Anyway, I'm honored that he chose to immortalize his grandpa, my dad, on his body.  It is a good looking tattoo.  I was just REALLY, REALLY SURPRISED.

Ocean Tranquility Afghan

I finished up the Ocean Tranquility Afghan on Friday.
I made the Small Lapghan size.
I used about half of a big skein of Bernat Baby Sport in White along with a size G hook.
Here's a close up view of the pattern detail.
For the border, I changed it a little bit from the pattern.  I did 2 rows of dc then one row of the "group" which was 7 dc in a stitch, sk 3 sts, group in next st, around the edge.
The free pattern for this blanket can be found here.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ocean Tranquility Afghan

I started a new project a bit ago.  (Sorry.  The photo is horrible.)  I'm showing a small "swatch" of what I've got done so far.  I'm making the Ocean Tranquility Afghan in the 2nd size (small lapghan).  You can find the free pattern here.  I'm using a big skein of Bernat Baby Sport in white and a size G crochet hook.  This is the only project I have in the works so far, so I'm sure I'll be picking out at least one more project to work on as well.  I always have to have one that I can take in the truck with me when we're on the road.  :)

Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket

With today being Mother's Day, I had unlimited time on the sofa for knitting.  :)  This allowed me to finish up the Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket that I was working on.
 The pattern for this blanket is a free one from Lion Brand.  You can find the pattern by clicking here.  The only difference that I made was that I worked 163 stitches before starting to decrease.  It still made a good sized blanket.  Seriously.
Here's a quick view of the outer "edge" of this blanket.  I love that you work the edging as you are knitting the blanket.  You see...I'm a novice knitter.  I am not very good at it at all.  I can cast on, knit and yo, that's about it.  Everything else has to be looked up on You Tube in order to even attempt it.
Now...on to the blanket particulars.  I used a large skein of Bernat Baby Sport in the color Funny Prints.  I still have a good amount of this skein left over.  There's more than enough left to make a baby sweater and maybe a hat as well.  The circular knitting needle was a size 8.  
I know I've said it before, but this is my favorite knitting pattern for a baby blanket and I find myself using it over and over again.  I think I've made 3 or 4 of these now and I will keep on making more of them.

Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket - Update

My progress on the knitted Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket is coming along a bit slowly lately.  I started this blanket on April 18th and only work on it when we are traveling in the truck.  I'm on the decreasing part of the pattern now and I'm at the point where I have 105 rows left before the blanket will be finished.  Hmmm....I wonder how long it will take me to get this one done.  I think I always say this.  lol

My gift...

Small T works at the local flower shop, and yesterday while she was there, she made this lovely little gift for me from her and the boys for Mother's Day.  How thoughtful and sweet of her!  She knows I love purple!

Wishing you all...

a very happy Mother's Day!
Hope you all have a fantastic day today!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finished - Striped Toddler Blanket

I finished weaving in all the ends a little bit ago.  Whew!  What a job.  This blanket is inappropriately named since it's way bigger than a toddler blanket.  It ended up being 43 inches wide by 54 inches long.  There were 290 knitted rows.  I kept count while I was knitting.  The colors are done in a 10 row sequence.  I used Red Heart With Love yarn in the colors Navy and Pewter.  I used about 1 3/4 skeins of Navy and a little over 1 1/2 skeins of Pewter.  I worked this up with a size 10.5 circular knitting needle.  I really, really love this blanket and honestly, I will probably make another one just this size.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I cast on 125 stitches for this blanket.  It's done entirely in the knit stitch.

Update - Striped Toddler Blanket

I just finished knitting the last row of the blanket.  Woo Hoo!  Now, it's on to weaving in all those ends.  *sigh*  Oh, well.  It HAS be done, so I'd best get on with it.  :)

Mystery Blanket - Up Close & Personal

When I posted about the Mystery Blanket a couple of days ago, I didn't have a close up shot of the blanket's texture.  When I decided to make the blanket so "simple", I did that because the yarn I used is so "bumpy".  I feel that the texture played a huge role in this blanket so it was important for you all to see it. it is.  The close up.  What do you think?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mystery Yarn Baby Blanket - Stash Buster

I finished up the Mystery Yarn Baby Blanket this evening.  So I laid it out on the floor so I could take a photo of it.  Small T is in an exceptionally good mood today so I couldn't say anything when she decided to get involved in the photo taking.
 She was trying to be a baby and wrap up in the blanket.
 Doing a baby move and putting her butt in the air.
 Just a funny moment, I guess.
 Doing some more baby moves.
 When I thought she was done and took a photo, she stuck her head down in there.  lol
 Another mug shot from jumping in the photo.
And finally the finished baby blanket.  I still don't know what the mystery yarn is though.  I used all of it I had but a tiny ball of it.  I did it all in rows of dc.  I have 89 stitches across.  So it was a beg ch of 89 plus 3.  The border around the edge is 4 rows of sc worked up with the last bit of Simply Soft yarn I had in the color Orchid.  I worked 3 sc in each corner stitch.  I used an I crochet hook.  That's it.  Just a simple little baby blanket and it still looks cute.
All yarn used for this was out of my stash, so this is another Stash Buster project.  Woo Hoo!  :)

FFA Banquet

Tonight was the FFA Banquet at school.  (Future Farmer's of America)
 Small T receiving her Chapter Proficiency Award.
 Small T receiving the Star Chapter Farmer Award.  (only one person gets this award for the whole chapter)
 Small T showing off her Star Chapter Farmer Award and Carissa showing off her Star Greenhand Award. 
Miss H and Small T.  Miss H is the Chapter Advisor and Ag teacher at school.  She will be leaving at the end of the school year.  (sad)

Sports Banquet

April 30th was the Sports Banquet at school.
 The Baseball Team (Big C in black with white tie)
 Big C accepting the R.B.I. award.
 The Boys Track Team (Big C in black with white tie)
 The Boys Basketball Team (Big C in black again)
 The Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders (Small T in orange)
The Girls Softball Team (you can't see Small T...she's hidden from view)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Big C & Senior Trip

Big C came home yesterday after being away for 5 days on the Senior Trip.
 Eight seniors went to Colorado.  They went white water rafting, zip lining, went to Pike's Peak, and a did a variety of other things.

 I LOVE this photo of them!!!
Snow anyone???
Big C said he had a GREAT time!  It was the first time he flew on an airplane, the first time he went white water rafting, and he found out he's terrified of heights while he was gone.  Hmmm....
I'm just glad he had a lot of fun!  In fact, he came home with more money than he left with.  Amazing!!!

Update - Striped Toddler Blanket

I wanted to do a quick update on the Striped Toddler Blanket.  It's HUGE!  It's so wide that it's actually going to end up as a throw.  I need to adjust my cast on stitches by about 50 for the next one I do.  Last time I posted an update, I had 201 rows done on the blanket.  I worked 45 rows on it yesterday and the row count is at 246 now.  I think I need to do another 4 blocks of color after I finish this block.  So it might be finished at 290 rows.  We'll see.  In the photo above, I'm stretched out in the recliner working on the blanket and it covers my feet and all of my lap.  It's big.  But that's ok.  I can always use another throw.  If not, I can gift it to one of my little nephews because the school colors for the town they live in are blue, gray and white.  They'll have a throw for the football games.  In case you don't remember, this blanket it knitted.  That's why it's taking me so long to finish it.  :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stash Buster - Mystery Yarn

 Last Summer, my sister, Lea bought me some yarn from a garage sale.  I dug this skein of yarn out of my stash today and decided to make something with it.  I have no idea what this yarn is, though.  Anyone know?
It's a very textured yarn, that's for sure.  I tried out a few patterns but you really couldn't see any detail, so I am making a basic baby blanket using dc stitches.  I'm on the 5th row now so it's going fairly quickly.  Once I get it done, I'll post a photo.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stash Buster - Little Lavender Dress

 Sometime in the last year, I bought this yarn for $1.50.  Pretty good deal, right?  Well, guess what you can make for less than a dollar worth of yarn?  (I only used about 3/4 of this skein)
A pretty little lavender dress.  It's so soft and scrumptious.
The yarn is Caron's Simply Soft in the color Orchid.  I used a size I crochet hook and the Little White Dress pattern which can be found here.
Since the yarn was in my stash of Simply Soft, this counts as another Stash Buster project for me.  I love it that I made something so cute and precious for so little money!