Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yesterday (Saturday), was a very long day for us.
First, we had two morning ball games out of town.  I'm sharing a few highlights of Small T.
 Listening to the National Anthem.
Small T is 2nd from the right.
 One of her many times at bat.
 Coming into 3rd base.
 On deck.
We ended up losing both games but it was still a good morning of ball playing.
Then it was off to another town for the Sterling Price Days parade.
Small T is in the marching band.
 Here comes the band.
 Small T is 2nd from the right.  She plays the flute.
 Then here comes one of my two favorite groups in the parade.  It's the Boone County Fire and Rescue Bagpipe Corp..  I even went up to them before the parade started to shake their hands and tell them how much I enjoy seeing them in the parade.  They were so nice and said they wished more people would tell them that.  :)
 Then here came my other favorite group.  The Missouri High Steppers.  They are so much fun to watch!
The only thing I bought out of all the booths at Sterling Price Days was 2, yep...2, large bags of Kettle Corn.  I can't pass by a Kettle Corn stand at any of the fairs and festivals.

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  1. Sounds like a busy but fun day :-) And I love kettle corn too!
    Blessings :-)