Saturday, September 14, 2013


Last weekend, Small T and I went shopping for a dress that she would wear in the upcoming Pecan Festival Queen contest.  We ended up finding two possibilities.  (Please excuse her appearance...she just got out of ball practice when she was modeling these...and she would be horribly embarrassed to know that I have posted the photos here).
 This is the one we really like.  It looks so much better in person than in this photo.
This dress was $100.  A real steal.
But this one looks cute too.  She'll probably use this for a dance or for Prom this year.
This dress was $150.  A very good price for a Princess dress.
We ended up spending $250 total for the both of them and I thought that was a very good price considering last year's dress was $500.  I'm glad that we finally have a dress for the contest and that it didn't take a lot of work (and money) to find one.  The contest is in 2 weeks.

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