Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby E

I've been extremely lucky these past few days.  You see, Baby E came to visit us last Thursday night and we got to keep her through Monday.  Her mom went to visit her dad who is stationed in El Paso, Texas.  Baby E is now 2 years old.  Can you believe it?  Time sure does fly!  
Another thing that Baby E likes is the "Pool".  She loves to swim!
 She's really good about having her picture taken too.
 She stole Little Ty's towel and he was quite upset.  Apparently, he's a bit jealous of her if I'm paying her any attention.  It caused quite the uproar at the pool every day.  He's used to just having me around and not sharing me with anyone.
 She's so pretty.  I know...I'm biased.
 Guess what else she liked?  Or should I say "who".  Yep, Medium J.  She said his name a gazillion times a day and followed him everywhere.
 Medium J had baby doll duty at the pool.  He was thrilled.  Let me tell you.  :)  lol
And last, but not least, here's Baby E swimming with her Grandma, my youngest sister Annie.

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