Thursday, September 26, 2013

Something Extra...

I forgot to add a couple of photos to my previous post.  Imagine that!
 See this kitty?  She's a kitten, but not small.  She showed up at the house a few days ago and after eventually finding her owner (who said she isn't the owner but others say she is) and then taking her back to her home, she has shown back up at our house.  *sigh*  I do NOT want a cat.  I am NOT a cat person.  And I have told my family to NOT feed her or she will never leave us.  I am going to attempt to take her home yet again tonight, but she found us after travelling all the way back across town, so I don't know if it will work again.  But I'm going to try.  She's very friendly and will let you pick her up but she has fleas.  I just wish her family would take her back.
And, I made a trip out to the farm yesterday and brought back some pumpkins.  I wanted more of the white ones but they are almost all gone and I couldn't reach the few that were left which was less than six.  So, I brought home a variety, including a couple of green ones.  I have plans for all of them with the small ones getting vampire teeth (yep, the plastic ones) and then they will line each side of my steps to the front porch.  The big orange ones will go in the two planters on the porch.  The green ones will also be on the steps with some blood shot eyes (beer pong balls that look like eye balls).  The white ones will be made up to look like skeleton heads with the blood shot eyes as well.  I can't wait to get them all readied up but it still has to wait a few weeks as I don't want them rotting before Halloween.

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