Thursday, September 19, 2013

Still Trying...

I'm still trying to find a couple of coordinating yarn colors to go with the yarn from my stash.  (This will be a Stash Buster Project...hopefully.)
 The yarn from my stash is shown above.
I'm wanting to make a baby sized blanket using the Fantasy Blanket pattern found here.  The pattern used 10 different colors of yarn and I'm no where near that yet.  I think I have enough of 5 of the colors above but I'm not sure.
**edited to uses 12 different colors of yarn for the pattern.  sigh.  i might have to choose another pattern after all.**
I did buy 2 colors today so that makes 3 more that I need.  My only problem is trying to "match" the colors.  With the variegated yarn I'm using (pastel colors of yellow, pink, green and peach with white), I don't think I could successfully add purple and blue tones.  I'm not necessarily "matching" colors but more like trying to stay in the pastel range.  I plan to go downstairs in a bit and dig through my yarn stash again and see if I have anything else that might coordinate with what colors I already have.  I'm hoping I have some peach stashed away but I don't think so.  Anyway, I could really use some input from everyone on what they think.  Please and thanks.  :)