Thursday, January 1, 2015

My First Semester

Here's a summary of my first semester back in college (after a 27 year break).
 Two weeks into the 16 week semester, I tripped and fell, TWICE, in the exact same spot.  I stubbed my toe.  Crazy, right?  The second time...
 I broke my arm.  Yeah.  I still can't believe it. The cast went from my fingers to my arm pit. Not very handy when you're taking mostly computer classes (with a LOT of typing) and needing to drive a 90 mile round trip every day.
 As for the driving, I hired a chauffeur...Medium J.  He was a huge help to me and a good sport as he would sit for 8 (boring) hours waiting on me to finish for the day so we could travel back home.
 It was also a time of great trial when it came to "getting ready" in the morning.  I had to dress up for my classes and my job at college. You see, I got an office job there to help pay for driving expenses. I utilized Small T's skills with makeup and hair to the utmost during this time.  I'm so glad she was still around and not off to college herself.
 I applied for, and received, a scholarship for non-traditional students.  Yay!  The lovely lady in the photo with me is my scholarship sponsor.
 Then it came time for FINALS. It was SCARY. I think it was the "unknown" aspect of what I would be facing, that scared me the most.
 In Presentation Skills with MS PowerPoint, you had to pass a pre-test with a score of 700 to take the final.  I passed the pretest with an 825 and the final with a 944.  At the beginning of the semester, this class was the one I was most worried about.
 After all the finals were over, this is what my grade report looked like.  I worked really hard for all those A's!
 I think I also lost my mind a bit too.  This is what I looked like on the last day of finals.  lol  I think I was just trying to hold it all together at that point.
 Because I was tired....just tired.  I love this photo.
 And I felt like celebrating because I made it through those first 16 weeks!
And celebrate, we did!  Big Daddy surprised us with a cake.  We will overlook his spelling and say how good the cake tasted!  It was a butter cake with butter cream frosting.  Yum!
And now it was vacation time.  Four whole weeks of it.  After a couple of days though, the boredom set in.  *sigh*  I have 11 more days of vacation left and then it's back to school.
I hope you enjoyed my little presentation on the first semester of college. I wonder what the second semester will bring?

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  1. Congrats on your decision to return to school, and on your excellent first semester {except for the broken arm, no congrats for that}; yea!!