Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Knitting Makes Me Happy

I really enjoy knitting these days, and it makes me happy to sit and knit on one of these little Homespun Knitted Doll Blankets.
I gather up a bunch of small balls of yarn from my stash, regardless of yarn weight and color, as pair them up according to the way they look together. Then I grab one of my circular knitting needles and knit away. I really like the way the different textures work together, which makes it look homespun.
When I'm finished knitting the "body" of the blanket, I add a crochet border.
I really like the way this variegated baby yarn can look so different, depending on the angle and distance at which you see it.  This yarn is actually white with specks of blue and pink mixed in, but it really doesn't look like it.
Now that I have this little doll blanket finished, I can't wait to start on another.

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