Sunday, January 11, 2015

Granny Squares

Back in November, when I cleaned out my yarn stash, I chose a few skeins of yarn and started making Granny Squares for a throw or small afghan. Since that time, they have been sitting in a bag waiting for me to work on them again. I got them out yesterday and made some more squares.
 I made 6 more of the Buff squares.  I have a total of 16 of them now.  And then I ran out of the Buff yarn. Hopefully these will be enough for the throw as I'm NOT wanting buy any more yarn for this project.
Then I started on the Aran squares.  I made 5 of those.
I have 21 squares completed and I'm aiming for 48 squares out of the 3 skeins of yarn I chose to use (Buff, Aran, and Cornmeal). Once I get these squares finished, I'll lay them all out and see if I have enough for a throw or small afghan.  If not, I'll have to re-evaluate my plan. These squares are one of the quick and easy projects I have lined up that I can work on in small increments of time during this next semester at college.

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