Friday, January 2, 2015


Yesterday, I stopped by one of my favorite blogs, "Love The Blue Bird"

I'm looking for ideas for next year's Christmas presents for my friends and family, and I found some fabulous inspiration while I was looking.

These photos aren't mine, they are "Love The Blue Bird's". I took a photo with my phone, cropped it, and posted them here.
 Small T is a fool for elephants. I wouldn't make her a pillow, but rather something small and flat that she could hang on the wall.  I think she would love it!

 I think this is just beautiful! I love the mixture of needlework and crochet. I have plenty of young nieces that I could make something similar to this for.

This would be perfect for my uncle.  I would need to use more "manly" colors, but that's it.

A few other things that I liked, but didn't take inspiration photos of, were the rice bag heating pad tutorial and the primrose dishcloth (crochet) pattern.

Most of these items are smaller projects that I can work on in between homework and work, which makes them exactly what I'm looking for.  Are you considering next year's homemade gift items yet?

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