Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday

My nephew, Dakota, turned 21 while he was in Afghanistan. On that day, we all got together, had a drink in his honor, and sent him a group photo, as he requested. While he was home visiting, he called all of us that lived here in town, and we met him at the bar for a little birthday party. We were the only people in the bar the whole night and we had a great time.  Actually, too great of a time.  lol Luckily, we all live within walking distance of the bar and Small T came and took all our vehicles home so no one would be out drunk driving.  She's a good girl. We played pool, listened to the juke box, danced, took our pictures with Santa Claus, and had an all around great time. Happy 21st Dakota! I love you mister! Here are a few highlights of our evening.
 Dakota and I.
 Dakota and his mom, my youngest sister, Annie.
 Big Daddy and I.
 Being silly with 2 of my 5 sisters, Dea (middle) and Annie (right).
 My sister Dea was telling me how to make a really good bread pudding.  lol
 Dea and I.
 My oldest son, Medium J, and I.
 Medium J playing some pool.
 Rose (Dakota's wife), Timmy (my nephew, son of Dea), and Medium J.
Big Daddy and I, acting silly for a selfie in front of the Big Pecan on the way home.

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