Monday, January 12, 2015


I seem to be stuck in "Christmas" mode.  I wonder if it's because it's so cold outside? Anyway, the Christmas mode is quite prevalent in my inspiration photos today.
I love this look for my tree one year.  I think it's gorgeous!

This is absolutely beautiful!

I wonder if I could do something similar in crochet? I think this is a fabulous design!

This is interesting. Small T believes in the power of dream catchers, so I wonder if she would like something in another shape?

So pretty, yet so simple in design.

This is a genius idea!

I have 2 small bathrooms that will need a re-do eventually and I like finding ideas for them.

I remember my 80's rebellion with all the ear piercings. This photo brings it all back.

Nice! Another project that would look fab in my living room!

Another good idea for a needlepoint craft.

I wonder how I could incorporate this into a smaller project for my husband? Any ideas? I'm not great at painting, but maybe a canvas? Or a needlepoint project?

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