Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fun Times

I bet you're wondering if I had any fun during these past 16 weeks.'s what I did that could be considered fun, possibly.
 Small T broke her foot at the same time I broke my arm.  It was lovely.  Just lovely. Two of us sporting some extra "gear" for a while.
 Once she healed up, she was back on the softball field for her final year of play, as she's a senior. I drove to every single game, even if I only made 5 minutes of it. Once in a while, I got there just in time to see them walking across the field to shake hands, and I had missed the whole game.  At least I tried! This year, she played two positions...short stop...
 and center field. I love this photo of her "at ready" for a potential hit to her area.
 I watched her at bat...
 and stealing bases.
 Big Daddy and I ordered her letter jacket and presented it to her.  It was hugely expensive simply because she had so much stuff to be sewn on. The back is completely covered with patches and medals. 
 We celebrated Big Daddy's 54th birthday. I felt so bad because he had to make his own cake. (I'm a bad wife sometimes. Oops.)
 But with the help of a neighbor, he woke up to a surprise on the front porch (after I had left for college).  I gave him two kittens to keep him company while I was at school.
 We aren't "cat" people, but the kids enjoyed them too.  We ended up having to find them a good home though, because it turned out that we are ALL allergic to cats.  It took a month to get everyone well again.  But it's the thought that counted, right?
 The beginning of October saw the Pecan Festival arrive again.  Small T and her best friend, Trev, were inseparable, as usual.  Here they are in the Nutty Parade, representing the senior class.
 Here they are again in the big parade, driving a big tractor.
 November brought the birth of my newest great-niece. I was extremely lucky in that I got to hold her asap after birth.
 Isn't she such a sweetie?  She has very big hands and feet, with long fingers and toes.
 She's just precious.  Her name is Zaylie.  Her mom is Z, my niece, Zanna.
 I attended the school play.  I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it though.  Small T played a southern belle.
 My nephew, Awan, was the hillbilly maintenance man.
 Big C turned 20!  Where has the time gone???
 I went in for a trim, a wax, and a hot oil treatment.  Sometimes, you just need some time at the salon.
 Small T's vehicle was the subject of a hit-and-run.
 Small T started clinicals in Health Occupations class (she's in the middle).
 Big Daddy and I attended Meet The Wildcats at school.  This is the opener for the varsity basketball season. The four kids in this photo are the seniors participating in the basketball season. From the left, it's Chey, Royce, Small T, and Don'Neal.
 I've attended a few home basketball games.  This is the cheer squad this year.
Here's another photo.  Small T is 2nd from the right.  She's the cheer captain.
That's been all the "fun" I've basically had during the past 16 weeks.  My life was mostly homework with once a week housework thrown in. :/ It was busy, but I made it.

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