Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Vacation - Crafting

I was really excited to be able to pick up my yarn and work on different projects during my four week vacation. Here are a few things I have completed during this time.
A Seed Stitch Infinity Scarf for Small T.  I used Red Heart With Love yarn in White.  It's the same pattern I have used previously, just half the width.  I started by casting on 19 stitches, which is just right for Small T's slight frame, and isn't so overpowering. This is finished now, and she loves it.  I just don't have a photo to share.  Sorry.
I made this hat for a friend's son. I used Red Heart Team Spirit yarn.
I completed this Homespun Knitted Baby Doll Blanket.
I finished this Diagonal Striped Knitted Baby Blanket.
I crocheted this Doll Blanket.
And this one too.
I knitted this doll blanket with more of my scrap yarn.
And this one too.
And I made myself some new slouchy hats. This one is Celestial (blue).
I really like this one.  It's Celestial, Autumn Red, and Charcoal Grey.
This one is Autumn Red and Charcoal Grey.  I like it too.
Small T made me clean my book shelves around the fireplace and in the process, I found all my crochet notebooks.  I didn't realize I had so many of them.  I've had a good time looking through them.
When I got tired of knitting and crocheting, I broke out my needlepoint bucket and started on a set of cross stitched pillow cases.
I have one of them done and have started on the second one.
Then I knitted another doll blanket.
I've really enjoyed spending time with my crochet and knitting projects and I'm really going to miss them when classes start again.  I'm going to need to find myself some small projects that I can work on every now and then, in short doses, so I'm not missing it so much these next four months.

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