Friday, June 28, 2013

What I Like...Today...

While sitting in the ER tonight with Small T, I saw a couple of things that interested me.
 First...this bracelet.  I really like it.  And it's for a good cause.  Small T is heading out of town next week to the mall and there's a Target store there.  I asked her if she would pick me up one of these.  She made some snarky comment, but I'll text this to her while she's there and do a bit of begging and see if that inspires to get me one.  LOL
Second...I love this's a shade of orange with lovely sparkles in it.  Wonder if I could get Small T to find this for me as well????  (I'm currently sporting a dark orange with gold glitter on my toenails but it doesn't look anywhere as FAB as this does!!!)
***Update:  Small T went to the mall on Tuesday and guess what she brought home for me????  Yep.  The bracelet.  Here I am...wearing it.
I love my daughter!!!


  1. i saw that bracelet, i love stuff like that..its a very awesome cause..
    cant wait to see it on your wrist..

    1. i'm just hoping that my daughter will pick one up for me when she's at the mall next week! :)