Monday, June 3, 2013


Once again, it's that time of year....flood season.
 I took these photos a couple of days ago and since then, the water rose several more feet.  This is a photo of the boat dock here in town.  At the highest point, the water was at 29 feet and way up into the gravel, over the concrete in the shelter house and into the bathrooms.
 This is the railroad bridge across the Grand River.  The train traffic was canceled for a couple of days because the water ended up being much higher.  Usually, there is a huge gap between the water and the bridge.
 I love this shows the north side of the Grand River where the train tracks are the south side.
 You can't really see it....but there's a tractor and a bunch of cars and farmers sandbagging the Bartow levee West of town.  They are trying to save the levee and the farm land on the other side.  The water was extremely high here and the gravel road was probably 10 feet under water.
 Here's a photo of Hwy 24 West of town.  Water ended up going over this road and it was closed down for a day or so.
 The Budweiser barn....surrounded by water.  I have no idea if water ended up being inside the barn.  It probably was.
The guy that bought the trailer got a lot of guff when he put it up on stilts but it's a good thing he did.  There's water up in the house and in the barn by the trailer but the trailer is dry inside.

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