Monday, June 3, 2013

Camo Ripple

I finished the Camo Ripple last week.  On Tuesday I think.  I just hadn't taken a photo and wrote a post about it.  I figured that while Big Daddy was willing to hold it up today, I had better get it done.  I ended up needing less than a regular sized skein of Camo yarn to finish it too. 
Here are the particulars:
size I hook
1 large skein of black (used about half)
1 large skein of Buff (used about 1/3 of it)
2 large skeins plus one regular skein of Camo (I had about half the regular skein left)
All yarn was Red Heart Super Saver
The starting chain was 140 plus 3.
The pattern was off the Attic 24 blog and it's called the Neat Ripple.
This blanket was a project that someone asked me to make for them.  They bought the yarn and I did the crocheting.  :)

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