Monday, June 3, 2013


So...what do you do when the flood waters are high????  You go fishing!!!
 Big Daddy went three days in a row.
 This is how high the water was yesterday.  It was up and over the shelter house and way up into the parking lot.  It made fishing a lot easier though.
 This is my pole and my little fishing spot from yesterday.
 I got to see them put the duck boat into the water.
The current was so fast it was scary watching the boat being turned around even with the powerful engines it has.  It just flipped the boat right around and they ended up going down the river backwards.
This is me....freezing my rear off...but having fun with the guys.
And who ends up catching the biggest fish out of the three of us????  Medium J!!!!  With a Catfish.  Although, there were 3 other huge (and much bigger fish) caught yesterday as well.

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