Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last night...

was quite a night.
My "kids" were all out at a Red, White and Blue party so Big Daddy, Little T, Medium J and I spent the evening watching TV and messing around.
 Here's Little T....during one of his hysterical laughing episodes.
 I saw this several times through the night.
 He just couldn't get over what I was making.
He kept getting up and coming over to look.
And when I asked for "input" from the guys...well, that really set him off.
 I have a couple of orders for a guy version of the boobie koozies I had been making.
So...I set out to come up with a pattern for them.
The ones I was making last night were the African American version (which is what was ordered).
In between all that...I had a craving for peanut butter cookies.  So...I tried out a recipe I found on Pinterest that only has 4 ingredients.  They were ok...but not my favorite recipe.  I'm a peanut butter idiot and like it just so in my cookies.  But...I would use this recipe again since they are so quick to make.
Well, that was my Saturday night in a nutshell.  I managed to get to bed at 4 am so this morning is a rather rude awakening for me.  :(

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