Thursday, June 13, 2013

Free Pattern - Chenille Look Baby Blanket

I've finally finished the free pattern that I've been working on.  (I actually finished a couple of days ago, but I've been living at the pool the past five days.)  I'm calling this the Chenille Look Baby Blanket.  The texture reminds me of the chenille bedspreads from my childhood.  The blanket feels so lush and plush when it's finished and it will be a really warm blanket for those cold, Winter months.
 I tried every camera I own and I couldn't get a decent photo with any of them.  So...this is the best that I can do.  It's a full length photo of the blanket.
 A close-up shot of the texture and the edging.
 The blanket folded up on my lap.  Just because.
And one final texture shot.

Chenille Look Baby Blanket - Free Pattern

Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn (two colors - White and Pastel Green) ((I used half or less of each skein)
Size J and size K crochet hook
yarn needle for weaving in ends

With the White yarn and the size K crochet hook, ch 90 + 2
Working with size J crochet hook from now on, 
1- dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across.
2- ch 2, turn.  working in front loops only, sc in each st across.
3- ch 3, turn.  working in back loops only, dc in each st across.
4 thru 57- repeat rows 2 and 3 for pattern, ending with a row 3.
at the end of row 57, fasten off yarn.

Note:  The front of the blanket is the side where the front loops of stitches are unworked.

Using the Pastel Green yarn and the size J crochet hook, attach yarn on the first row of unworked loops.  Reverse sc in each unworked loop across.  At the end of the row, fasten off yarn.
**Reverse sc in each row of unworked loops for the entire length of the blanket.**
Using the yarn needle, weave in all yarn ends before starting the blanket border.

Blanket border:  Reverse sc evenly around the blanket, working in the front loops of each st.  Fasten off yarn, weave in ends.

***As always, please don't claim my pattern as your own.  Please link back to my blog and give me credit.  Please don't sell my pattern but feel free to make this blanket for giving or selling.  I don't mind.  The only thing that's "mine" is the pattern, not what you make with it.  :)  With this said, "Happy Crocheting!!!"


  1. Wonderful pattern! thanks for sharing :-)

    1. thanks! and you're welcome! i like to share my patterns.