Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red & Gray Knitted Baby Blanket

Last night, I finished the Red & Gray Knitted Baby Blanket.
I absolutely LOVE it!
I hope the person it's being sent to will love it too!
 To begin with, I thought I had made it too narrow...but with the border/edging, it looks just fine.
Now, as to the particulars:
Yarn:  Red Heart With Love; colors:  Holly Berry (approx 9 - 10 oz) and Pewter (approx 3 - 4 oz)
Circular knitting needles in size 10.5
Pattern detail is 40 rows Holly Berry, 4 rows Pewter, 40 rows Holly Berry for a total of 200 rows Holly Berry and 12 rows Pewter.
Border:  Crochet - 4 rows sc spaced evenly with 3 sc in each corner stitch
To begin, cast on 80.  The blanket is worked entirely in the knit stitch.