Thursday, January 5, 2012

Working On...

Today I have been working on the next group of 10 granny squares. I have all 10 of these squares finished up to the Country Blue row. All that's left now is to start the final row of Warm Brown and attach them to the body of the afghan as I crochet the final row. Basically, I'm joining as I go. I'm really happy to have finally put the Country Blue row on each of these squares. I am going to admit, I am getting tired of making these. When I get these 10 squares added to the afghan, I'm going to decide whether or not I want to add another 10 squares or not. I have plans to do a few rows of border around the afghan, so it may be big enough without the extra squares. I'll just have to wait and see.
I also sat down and added another 20 rows to the scarf I'm knooking. I'm getting closer and closer to getting this finished. Since this is a scarf for a man, I need to make up my mind about I add it or not. I'm thinking...NOT.
In regards to the rest of the day, I had a visit with a friend this morning. Just some catching up and gossiping. I also did a bit of housework and laundry. And I snuck in a nap. A five hour one. I got very little sleep this week due to the kids and their evening activities and with the very late hours (as I don't go to sleep until everyone is in bed), I've been worn out. Since I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday out at the liquor store, I figured this would be my last chance to get some shut-eye. Big Daddy grilled steaks on the BBQ for dinner tonight and they were lovely with the salad and spinach. Now, it's almost time for bed and I'm hoping I can sleep after the long nap. The alarm will go off at 5 am since Small T has a school field trip tomorrow. I'm not really good in the mornings,'s hoping that I hear the alarm! See you all tomorrow...and sorry for not having any photo updates for the day.

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