Sunday, January 1, 2012

Granny Squares

Recently, I've found myself at loose ends in regards to my crocheting. I guess it's because I always have so many projects that I want to finish in time for Christmas. Anyway, I whipped out my bag aka yarn stash and found a few colors that went together fairly well and started making some granny squares.
This is what I ended up with before I went to bed Thursday night. 1 square with the burgundy row finished and 4 squares with the soft white rows finished.
Last night, I made five more squares finished up to the burgundy row.
And I also added up to the soft navy row on the previous five squares. Does this make sense? Cause I think I'm confusing myself! LOL far I have 5 squares with these colors:
Soft White
Light Sage
Soft Navy
and I have 5 more squares completed up to the Burgundy row.
I need to add 2 more colors/rows so that I end up with a 9 color/row square. I would like one of these colors to be a warm brown a light brown. But I don't have that in my stash so I will be thinking hard about this.
Then I need 30 of these squares to make a nice sized blanket. I'm hoping I can get this amount of squares out of what yarn I already have. But, if I can't, then I have a reason to go yarn shopping. Woo Hoo!

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