Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a Quick Update

I wanted to add a quick update to my blog in regards to the granny square blanket. I'm currently on row 6 of the 9 row border. I didn't get as much of it done today as I wanted to. With a several hour long doctor appointment, a booster club meeting, and then a couple of visits to check in on my mom, the time just got away from me today. However, I have high hopes to possibly get it finished tomorrow. In the morning, Big Daddy, my mom, one of my sisters (Marie) and I, are going thrift storing and then running a few errands. Tomorrow night, we also have a home ball game. So, we'll see if my expectations for getting the blanket done tomorrow are realistic or not. Anyway, have a good night everyone and I'll be checking in tomorrow.
P.S. I broke out the scarf I'm knitting and took it with me to the doctor's office today so I had something to do while I waited. I got about 20 rows on it done before I gave was quite the conversation starter. :) But at least I've started working on it again. I'm trying really, really hard to get all of my WIP's done along with the new projects I'm starting.

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