Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simple Gifts

I love giving gifts. Whether they are homemade or even simple gifts. These are the types of gifts that I put a lot of thought into and really enjoy giving.
My family has several magazine subscriptions. We love reading them! But, we hate to throw them away. So...each year I make books for a few family members which contain all the highlights or pertinent tips and recipes that I think they would enjoy. I can't show you any of the books I made last year, but I can show you one of the books I've started for this year. (By the way, this is what I spent most of yesterday working on....instead of crocheting or knooking.)

Here's the cover of Small T's book. I use a basic spiral notebook and tape the cut-outs to the pages.

This page has 3 cut-outs at this time. (I try to fill each page but it doesn't always happen at the same time since I have to fit different sized cut-outs into a page.) Some might think that information I have chosen might not be something Small T would use, but trust me....it is. For instance, "How to Pee in the Woods" is very appropriate for her. We spend a lot of time outside and she just refuses to pop a squat. She thinks that she MUST have a flushing toliet. Boy, does she have a lot to learn! The other tip using spare buttons to hold your earring studs is a good tip in my opinion. That way you don't lose one. The same goes for doing your Kegels. Teen girls don't always want to hear what their mom's have to say so...if I put it in here, she might be more apt to take in the information.

On this page, I've included info on straightening your hair and keeping it that way as well as using rubber bands on your hangers to keep your strappy shirts and dresses from falling off.

The page tells about preventing cold sores and also features an idea for outdoor twister (for a crowd).

We travel a lot and she has decided she likes to pack her own bag, so here's info on how to pack your carry on.

Here's a good tip on how to tell a joke.

And these are tips about falling asleep when you can't as well as how to fold a fitted sheet.
I always hope that my family enjoys getting these little books from me, but I don't know. I know that I enjoy putting these books together and I try really hard to put information in the books that I think they might need or find useful.
What do you think? I'd like to hear some feedback.

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