Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Granny Squares

After the skater beanie and knooking on the scarf, I worked on my granny squares.
I had a small break from them as I was called in to be an emergency substitute teacher this afternoon. But, I did manage to get the Country Blue row added as well as the Warm Brown rows. With the pattern I'm using, when you work the 9th row (the Warm Brown row), you attach the squares together. So...that's why the squares that I have done are already attached.

Lookin' good, right?

This is what the squares look like up close.

After I had the first 10 squares finished and attached, I started working on the next 10 squares.
I have 10 of the Cornmeal rows done.
2 of the Coffee rows done.
And 1 square done through the Country Blue row. I worked this square up first so I wouldn't have to keep looking at the other attached squares in order to get the colors in the right rows.
Now that I'm making some progress on the granny square blanket, I thought I would share the pattern. I'm using the "Crochet Granny Classic Afghan" pattern found at . Here's the link .

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