Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today's Crocheting Progress

It's absolute bliss to have a whole day of uninterrupted time to work on my crocheting and/or crafting. Today was one of those days. I managed to get quite a bit of crocheting and knooking done. And I even worked a bit on the notebooks.

Part of the crocheting I worked on today is shown above. All 10 squares that I have started are finished up to the soft navy row. This makes me very happy. :)
I also spent quite a bit of time knooking on the scarf. I started out with 39 inches of the scarf done and now I have 46 1/2 inches done. Woo Hoo! This makes me even happier!
And I started working on a black and orange skater beanie for my brother-in-law (the truck driver that's always cold). I have 26 of the 36 rows done at this point. To take a line from Martha Stewart "it's a good thing". lol
I'm quite happy with everything I got accomplished today. Obviously, I would like to have more done in regards to all of the projects on my list, but I will just have to be patient and realize that they'll be done when they get done.
With that said, I'm off to bed. See you all tomorrow!

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