Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend In Review...

Gosh...I'm sure glad this past weekend is finally over! Normally, I love my weekends, but I worked the last two of them out at the liquor/convenience store as a little temp job. So, I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings out there until 3 pm. I'm glad for the money I make, but I sure miss my crocheting time.
I did manage to start this earflap hat on Saturday for a grown niece. She wanted it to be royal and black. I finished it up yesterday. I used Red Heart yarn and a J hook along with my own pattern. I've started doing the earflaps different, so I will be adding a quick little tutorial to the blog before long. I won't have any photos though. So I hope it will be easy to understand.
I just had to include this photo for you all to see. When I finished the earflap hat, I was going to start on a replacement stocking that uses royal and black yarn. But...I don't have enough black yarn. This little ball is all I have left of the color. Amazing! I ALWAYS have black yarn lying around. All I could think about when I was rolling the yarn up was "Oh...My...God...I've got to find a Wal-Mart QUICK!" I did stop by the dimestore yesterday afternoon but they were out of black yarn. Dang!
I finished this stocking up this morning. It's for Baby E. I wasn't able to get it made in time for this past Christmas, but I've got it done now. I used "I Love This Yarn" in pink camo and in white.
Now I'm off to work on the granny square blanket edging. I'm hoping to get some quality time in on it this morning. Because, you all know how the afternoon/evenings are when you're the parent of teenagers. We've got a lot going on tonight. Plus, I have a doctor appointment in regards to my arthritis this afternoon as well as a booster club meeting tonight. Busy, busy, busy.