Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP (Updates)

Gosh, I'm tired tonight. I stayed up later than normal last night and worked 4 rows on the Majestic Afghan. I should have known better. Really. It always comes back to bite me in the rear. Keep reading, you'll find out why.
This morning, Big Daddy and I went to my mom's for coffee with her and a couple of my sisters (after dropping Small T off at school). I sat down to take my first sip of delicious fresh ground coffee bean coffee and my cell phone rang. I needed to get to the school asap to sub. *sigh* I never got to finish my coffee. So I ran home and changed my clothes and went to school. Now imagine, I'm tired and irritable, so it made for a long day.
After school got out, Big Daddy, Small T and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to purchase supplies for movie night tomorrow afternoon at school. Since I'm subbing tomorrow again, I won't have time to make chocolate chip cookies like I had planned. So...I had to buy some goodies.
Then we came home for a quick dinner of frozen Lean Cuisine meals and a feverish attempt at setting things to order for tomorrow. That meant a couple of loads of laundry to be done as well as some dirty dishes to be washed and a few other lousy household chores. irritability is shining through again. Sorry.
After getting all of these things done, I finally managed to work 12 rows on the scarf I'm knitting. By the way, does anyone have any insight as to why the edges of the scarf are curling in? It's driving me nuts! And should I stop and rip it all back out and start over? What am I doing wrong?
I also managed to work 6 more rows on the Majestic Afghan. But now, I'm going to head to bed. Small T is working on homework and fighting a migraine so I'm sure it won't be long until she's in bed for the night. Big C has been asleep since about 6:30 so he's out for the night. Medium J is old enough to take himself to bed when he's ready and Big Daddy has had a busy day today he's not going to be far behind me in heading to bed.
I didn't even attempt to start making a monster, so that will have to wait until the weekend most probably. Unless I change my mind and start on the black and royal blue stocking that I also need to make. update on the WIP's that I have is as follows:
12 rows worked on the knitted scarf
4 + 6 rows worked on the Majestic Afghan since last night
I still vow to get these WIP's finished asap! :)
Good night everyone! See you tomorrow hopefully. It depends on how long and how hard movie night is. I will away from home from 7:30 am to at least 7:30 pm and just might fall into bed when I get home tomorrow night.


  1. You are always so busy - get some good sleep tonight. :)

  2. Yep, we're a busy household. Always. I have three "temp" jobs that I work occasionally plus three kids that are involved in EVERYTHING. I also am an officer and several organizations at school and that keeps me busy as well. My youngest child will graduate high school in 2015, so when that happens, I figure I will have a lot of time to REST. :)